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how parents can fight the birthday-industrial complex - smart table for kids

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-16
how parents can fight the birthday-industrial complex  -  smart table for kids
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
If you think the children's birthday party is more than just a few ribbons, a few balloons and a cake, think about it.
I just went to a 9-year-
The old party shame most weddings with luxurious venues, dj and dance floor, food, unlimited videos
Games, bowling alley, laser tag arena and more
Keep everything moving with military precision.
Happy birthday, really.
"It's a bit ridiculous," says Rachel Cruze of United.
The author of the book "Smart Money Smart Children.
"This is much more for parents than for children. "When an excessivethe-
Top birthdays will cost thousands of dollars, even a run --of-the-
There are hundreds of mill packages for chain restaurants, and even more in some places.
Hot spot Chuck E for children.
For example, cheese costs about $18 per guest for pizza, drinks, reserved tables, party offers and tokens.
The bounce U party for 15 pizzas is priced at $300 or more depending on the location.
Even if the children are too young to remember this, the bill is very high.
According to a survey by the BabyCenter website.
It is reported that 26% of parents spend more than $500 on their first birthday party alone.
Think about the financial ripples.
The $500 party per year is multiplied by two, three or four children, and what we're talking about is
Tax revenue that can be used for more important goals.
According to a survey by supermarket retailer Asda, the average parents in the UK spent an astonishing $28,000 on their children's birthdays before the age of 21.
Even half of it is the punishment act.
"This amount can cover 45% of your child's first year at a private university, and may be more when you consider investing in growth," Atlanta said . "
Financial planner and Mr. hepersaud. The big-
Bash trend has some parents who say it's not worth trying to beat peers with the best party photos on social media.
Jen Wohl, director of a non-profit organization in Brooklyn, New York, thinks she can't keep up with it anymore.
So her son's last birthday party was a party with friends on the public playground.
Coffee cake and brownie cake for $50.
It was the best decision she made.
"I just thought, 'What the hell do my kids like to do? ’” she said.
"I realized that playing a wonderful football game with his 10 friends was a lot more fun for him than a big party of $2,000.
"Some tips for an affordable birthday party for your precious little one: * make creative kids like to spend the night, which will allow you to skip retail promotions.
Cruze suggests, or you can get together in a public park with a few wild tables and have a quick meal, and his father is Dave Ramsey, a master of personal finance.
Wohl in Brooklyn once asked local firefighters to visit the fire station for 10 children and they were happy to agree.
"Throwing money at something is actually the least creative thing you can do to celebrate your child," she said . ".
* One reason behind the restriction of birthday bills: parents and children feel obliged to invite everyone in the class, or to invite everyone who has invited them.
Give in to Chuck E. Cheese?
Celebrate with 10 children instead of 40 and save 75%.
* It can be fun to splurge a big birthday party once in a while, but not every year.
"One thing I personally practice is that only one child has a 'big birthday Day' every year," said Chris Hardy, a financial planner at suwani, Georgia.
"I have three children who will rotate which year of their party.
For example, for bigger milestones like bar mitzvahs or sweet 16 s, feel free to relax your wallet.
Otherwise keep it cheaper and lowkey.
* Use it as teachable (and charitable)
Whether you realize it or not, children learn from every financial decision you make.
One way to make it meaningful is to do things like turn a birthday into a fundraiser.
Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to people, said its average birthday event raised $770.
"If you can encourage this dedication, it's a great thing," says kluze.
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