how portable smartboard solutions provide better value over traditional interactive smartboards - portable smart board interactive whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-06-13
how portable smartboard solutions provide better value over traditional interactive smartboards  -  portable smart board interactive whiteboard
In the growing market for interactive learning technologies, the challenge for traditional interactive smart boards is to provide more value, reduce installation and infrastructure costs, compete with modern digital smart board solutions that are easier to portable, install and operate.
The digital Smartboard solution is intuitive and intuitive, enabling business, education, and local trainers to pass low
Solutions such as factory price portable Smartboard MimioTeach, MimioXi interactive capture, e-beam side projection, e-beam classic, e-Beam interactive whiteboard liquid, Sifang IdeaShare portable interactive Q8000, etc.
Portable interactive smart board solutions for small businesses and facilities with limited budgets offer more value than those provided by market-leading smart board manufacturers such as PolyVision, panaboard, and Hitachi, among others
That's why portable smart boards make the competition more intense and how they deliver value better than traditional smart boards: cost savings: The biggest advantage of portable interactive smart boards is significant cost reductions!
You can purchase advanced whiteboard digitizer for less than half the price of a dedicated interactive whiteboard.
These intuitive portable solutions also save maintenance and management costs for interactive whiteboards.
Quick installation: easy to install portable smart board solution!
You can attach the readyto-
Use MimioTeach or eBeam classic full bar on an existing whiteboard via a magnetic interface and start an interactive lecture, presentation, or meeting within minutes.
You can also disassemble and reconnect portable smart board devices elsewhere as needed.
Ease of use: easy to use portable interactive smart board solutionto-
Understanding and simplicity-to-use.
These innovative devices are equipped with an instinctive button interface, right in front, for the most frequent operations such as zoom, recording, navigation and playback. One-
Click on the recording: whiteboard capture, the lecture recording is simpler!
Click the button and you can record the full or fragment of the lecture, presentation or meeting at any time for future reference, revision or distribution.
Transforming existing classroom technologies: Not terminalsto-end lay-
From existing classroom whiteboards and technologies, portable Smartboard Digitizer is transformed in an interface that you and your students are familiar with, and enables them to provide enhanced value and be competent
Interactive sharing: portable Smartboard devices offer unique features such as supporting interactive Web content such as rendering Web pages, Web videos, and portals. , real-
Time sharing of desktop content and novel integration with interactive learning tools including wireless tablets, audience response systems, and document cameras.
The portable interactive whiteboard provides more value for enterprise, education and enterprise development through rich communication and collaboration functions.
Traditional interactive whiteboards are inefficient due to associated infrastructure and maintenance costs.
However, interactive whiteboard manufacturers, including PolyVision, QOMO and Hitachi, are constantly improving their products and technologies to bring more efficiency to their users and beat their competitors.
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