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how smart tech and pbm are shaping the future of digital marketing - smart tech

by:ITATOUCH     2019-06-26
how smart tech and pbm are shaping the future of digital marketing  -  smart tech
Since its establishment in 2012, Bounce exchange has rapidly developed into a leader in the cloud field.
Software based on behavioral marketing and analytics.
Their proprietary technology has been adopted by marketers who want to change their strategy, moving from audience segmentation and decentralized goals to building a more complete consumer profile.
Based on these powerful profiles, marketers can perform direct marketing work and plan personal experiences based on the overall behavior pattern, rather than focusing on very subtle lifestyles and interests.
2016 in August of shares limited the company.
BounceX was rated as the fastest growing software company in the United States and ranked seventh in the company5000.
In just three years, the company's revenue grew by an astonishing 14,500%.
Their technology is currently powering thousands of digital properties trusted by global giants such as Lufthansa, Sears, Uniqlo, Hearst property and Comcast.
I talked to Bounce Exchange Co -.
In 2018, founder Ryan Urban talked about emerging trends, new ways to track consumer behavior, and the future of digital marketing.
Digital marketing is such a rapidly changing field. -
What trends do you think brandsmust will take in today's climate to survive?
Ryan Urban: brands that will survive and thrive in 2018 will start using minimalist marketing strategies.
If they don't want to fatigue their email list and annoy their customers, everything marketers do must be relevant, enjoyable and irrelevantintrusive.
Minimalist marketing means the less the better.
Other people will also like it if you like your marketing. With media-
Tech giants like Facebook have become a bigger focus for brands to attract consumers --
What should marketers think about in this shift?
Ryan Urban: Web push will be the key to innovative brands.
Traditional Revenue channels such as Google and Facebook are tired, and even if their prices are flat, prices are soaring.
Brands need a new way to reach consumers and increase their profits.
In 2018, this will be an extensible push.
The simpler interface and shorter content needed to push marketing will allow for more segmentation, as well as more personalized, relevant and faster messaging.
But marketers must also be careful.
Easier permanent choice
If they bomb users with push ads as they used to do with email, they will ruin their channels before they really start.
As fingerprint and face recognition are more integrated into the capabilities of mobile devices,
How do you see the impact of this new technology on consumer experience advertising and shopping?
Ryan urbane: I think 2018
The second checkout process will become mainstream.
Digital code or fingerprint-
Based on the purchase, the brand will make every effort to identify someone as soon as possible and then use that identity to pay as simply as possible.
As a brand, you already know who is your best customer.
However, marketing them over and over again is unlikely to make them better customers;
They have arrived.
Instead, brands may start using similar methods, or look at your best customers and find others who act like them.
You have a general idea of what they like and what kind of marketing is most effective for them.
You can then contact these people using these extrapolation data to get them to your site.
Describe the idea behind what you created with ouncex and how it aligns with the direction of the industry?
Ryan Auburn: The bodyguards are all about people.
Basic Marketing (PBM). People-
Marketing is based on marketing and identification of the actual population, not cookies.
The best way to identify your audience is when they are recordedin;
However, only about 2% of website visitors do so for e-commercecommerce.
We have created a proprietary recognition engine, even inLogged in status.
In this way, brands can sell to consumers on all devices and Conferences --
The ability to buy and browse rockets by mobile cannot be ignored.
If brands know who is on their website, they can track digital body languages such as clicks, hovers, zoom, and highlights to plan a personal experience at all times and on the device.
This offers a seamless conversion journey.
This allows our customers to receive exponential returns and is an important stepping stone to the industry.
How does this technology make brands smarter marketers, and what is the key to effective access to today's digital consumers?
Ryan Urban: The technology has driven the industry in three ways: 1.
For many, helping customers understand the audience on all devices, cookie marketing remains the gold standard for identification.
But in a personalized era, it's time to leave half. baked tool.
Brands must know how to market products to real people, not just their computer chips.
The first step in executing the PBM activity is to make the user self-identify. Well-
Timed Email capture technology with related messages can help you identify more than half of your traffic.
Brands can then spend advertising more effectively, organize their customers' smart views, and track them through smartphones, computers, tablets, and any other device they may use ---
This is a necessary step when 40% of consumers use multiple devices during the conversion process. 2.
Humanized brands connect with real people a key part of an excellent PBM strategy is understanding intent through digital body language-
Just like a person's body language determines their interest when shopping in physical stores ---
And check their response to different types of products and information.
Did they zoom in on certain products?
Size and color?
Highlight the product name to the comparison store?
These all indicate the intention to purchase or abandon the site, and they all represent a good reason to engage with this consumer. 3.
In order to send the right information at the right time to successfully perform an email activity, marketers must connect the digital behavior of each visitor on the device in real time.
When a user accesses a category or product page, the email they receive should reflect this.
Whether they add items to their shopping cart, consume specific content, or make purchases ---
All of these behaviors require separate, uniquely designed emails.
It is self-evident that no one wants non-personal contact regardless of the form.
We all want to feel special, unique and taken care.
Human behavior
That's what basic marketing does.
When we enter this user
Centered on the marketing ecosystem, everything the brand does must start and end with a user-centric approach, otherwise they must be prepared to face significant losses.
With the emergence of new technologies and trends
How do you think about the development of the future 3-digital marketing pattern5 years?
Ryan Urban: some of the biggest changes that will happen in the next five years or so will be an extension of what I have already mentioned.
Web push, which is still in its infancy, will be everywhere.
Most of the popular marketing strategies are getting less paid because consumers are not sensitive to them.
However, we have received immediate response training through push notifications.
Whether it's Slack, text, Uber or food delivery, we'll click automatically.
I believe this new frontier of marketing will be
Affect real estate.
Minimalist marketing will no longer be a type of marketing;
This will be the only type of marketing.
If you do not treat your consumers as you do with individuals, you will not be able to reach them successfully.
In the coming years, PBM will be the main driver in this regard.
Television is still one of the biggest forms of advertising, it attracts the attention of the audience and has a large real estate with exquisite design.
However, at present, TV advertising is still situational, not human-based.
You may watch football on Monday night, but that doesn't mean you're looking for new gear in the market.
With streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix moving from cable to streaming, I believe the PBM will start to grow to TV.
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