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how the acer iconia tablet works - touch screen smart table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-16
how the acer iconia tablet works  -  touch screen smart table
In 2011, the tablet market was over-expanding, with no less than 10 different manufacturers launching new tablets, including Apple's iPad 2.
For just a few examples, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy. With 28.
With 7 million iPads sold so far, Apple has been pushing far more products for the company than all the other product portfolios, but the ambitious entry of Taiwanese manufacturer Acer, is not-but four --
Different tablet product lines allow buyers to choose between two different operating systems and two completely different user experiences [source: Carr].
Acer Iconia brand includes 7-
Inch Acer Iconia Tab A100 (
8 GB or 16 GB model), the 10-
Inch Iconia Tab A500 (
16 GB or 32 GB available), and the 10-
Inch Iconia Tab W500 model (16 GB).
Android cellular operating system for Series A tablets (
More about this)
When the W500 runs Windows 7 [source: Acer]. The Iconia-
6120 although it has the same name as Iconia, it is a completely different animal. With dual 14-
Inch touch screen (
It is hinged like a laptop with the option to display the full virtual keyboard on the lower screen)
And $1,200 price tag, 6120 touch available
Screen functionality for tablets, but compete with laptops and laptops in terms of size and productivity [source: Hiner].
For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the Iconia Tab A Series and the Iconia Tab W series models, whose prices and features are more consistent with the rest of the tablet market.
Is Acer successful in competing for tablet market share?
If so, what's the difference between the Iconia tablet and other competing products?
So what's the difference between the Iconia tablet and the other tablets?
To find the answer, let's take a closer look at the features and specifications of the Acer Iconia model.
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