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how the kids do it now: school - the smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-24
how the kids do it now: school  -  the smart board
The first part: The second part of the Dance: The third part of the party: The fourth part of the school: The Darling ha School is a famous period of turmoil.
Most of the time, it's an excuse for children to figure out how to dress and behave and get into the adult world.
But between all the emotional dramas, there will be occasional learning, although the antics are the same, the courses are comparable, but there are many ways for students to get information, very different-this is largely due to individuals (
And institutions)technology.
In the third entry in our "How do children do it now" series, the wires observe three devices that are changing the meaning of the class, "How do students interact with teachers, and what to learn in today's classroom-good or bad.
About presjoel, a man from Adlai E.
Stevenson High School in Illinois explained to Wired, "Stevenson has been moving towards the iPad --
Based on the class, try to protect the environment and use less paper.
He explained, "there are certain classes that got them this year.
Every new student will have an iPad next year, "he said, adding that the devices are distributed free of charge.
The project is described in the 2012 post posted on the school website: Related: Surprise!
It is reported that the National Security Agency has been aware of the problem of heart bleeding for many years (
But they denied it.
Smart iPad project-smart representative Stevenson mobile academic entity-
Time Technology-will start with about 800 students enrolled in three courses . . . . . . Students of these courses will receive iPads, digital textbooks and other tools with access to the app that will allow them to learn in an impossible way without a device.
Meirav, a senior high school student who attends New Lille High School in Winnetka, Illinois, also uses tablets in class as part of the iPad pilot program.
At first, the school lent the ipad to the class in question and shipped and collected it with a trolley every day, but now students buy or rent personal equipment.
Meirav said she likes to use the iPad in English class because she can download text through iBook instead of buying physics books, but she doesn't like the iPad in math class.
"It's a bit difficult, sometimes the app doesn't work, it's hard to browse, and you don't have a personal feeling about online math books," she said.
Joel also thinks the iPad is very helpful in humanities classes.
"My AP comparison government course is an iPad-
Because his documents are all in one place online, he says, it's more organized.
Joel's math class is paper. based.
Related: lawsuits filed by the film and music industry against MegauploadThe iPad also provide students with the opportunity to collaborate, especially with the use of Google Docs.
"We can all work at the same time and let the teacher see where we are cool," Joel said . ". Canvas (
Internal structure via YouTube)
All teachers at Joel use inghaiku Learning to organize materials, the site offers a comprehensive range of features that allow users to "create classroom pages, add and organize content blocks" and change the layout. . . Embed content from YouTube, Google Docs, Maps, Skype and dozens of other third parties
Party service or create your own from scratch.
"Meirav's teachers use the learning management system canvas to publish schedules and documents online.
She uses an app called uPad to take notes and an app called Pages as a word processor.
"You can't do your homework if you don't have WiFi.
New technologies bring new problems.
According to Joel online
Only classes can be frustrating because "you can't do your homework if you don't have WiFi.
Meirav added that her school program could become an economic burden for some people.
"You can't register" for the IPad"
She said, "they're just [
Assignment class]
You and your parents must invest.
There will definitely be financial assistance if you can't afford it, but that doesn't give the kids the option to take standard classes.
Related: The former governor of Connecticut was sued for allegedly concealing the campaign, and the ipad naturally distracted.
A student in Meirav junior AP English class will browse through the catalogue and online store in class.
According to Meirav, when students use an ipad like they do on a laptop, they are more likely to stop tasks like they do on a laptop-stand up, keyboard out-not as a notepad like they do in math class
But both Meirav and Joel think it's hard for teachers to tell when children are working on non-
Class related activities
Tweet about using an ipad at school, handle edits. In Africa
School-related apps where students play 2048, Candy Crush and Blackbird!
View email and browse social media.
Joel says there is almost no limit to the types of apps that students can download: "Some kids play games all day and don't even pay attention to class.
Joel says you can tell when someone is playing the game by being so absorbed in the activity.
Related: Two GM engineers are on leave on the vehicle recall issue, "I think some people really think they will stop the recall and feel like we just need to make a rule, it will be very careful about part of it, "Teed Ye, a high school English teacher in western New York, said in a telephone interview with The Wire.
Of course, the Associated Press is talking about mobile phones.
In the past decade, few technological advances have changed the classroom environment than mobile phones.
"We actually have a rule that phones should be turned off . . . . . . [but]
Trying to enforce this is more distracting than it is worth, "Leaf said.
That's the reality of today's classroom: it's more troublesome for teachers to use smartphones angrily than to tolerate them.
It is given that students will have mobile phones and use them in class, and the school district has turned to what Ye calls a "reasonable approach" where teachers decide on cell policy in classby-Foundation of the classroom. (
Like New York City, in areas that have not performed well in the futile struggle with mobile phones, there are quite unique business opportunities. )
For most teachers, this means obeying the collective will of the students.
According to Leaf, "The children have a really general feeling that they are not doing anything wrong if the teacher says something [
About their cell phones.
The teacher is a dick. ""[
Students believe
If the teacher says something
About their cell phones.
The teacher is a dick.
"This means that when a teacher goes through a PowerPoint presentation, students usually take out their phones in class, send text messages to friends or check Twitter.
Kids are always doing more tasks at school right now, with one eye staring at what they should learn and the other staring at their cell phones.
But the distraction factor is not the only one.
As mobile phones become more intelligent and more common, cheating becomes easier and easier.
As early as 2009, more than 1 out of 3 students cheat using their mobile phones, this number may increase.
The popularity of telephone-
It looks like enabling cheating depends on the score.
One of the middle school teachers we talked to had little problem and no suspicion of phone cheating, but Leaf said he didn't even take risks: "That's a standard I'm giving students now, when I went to give them an assessment, one of the instructions I gave them was that taking your phone out of itself would be enough to invalidate the test.
I don't need to prove you cheated, just take your phone out and it's enough to void it.
"There is also the way mobile phones change student/teacher relationships.
"I 've never texted my teacher, but I know people who do that.
I won't say texting your teacher is a normal thing . . . . . . However, I do have a friend who is very close to one of her teachers.
They will send a lot of articles about academics and individuals to each other, "said Emma, who is now a sophomore.
Taylor, who is now a graduate student at Syracuse University, told Wired that she herself texted her teacher in high school and also knew that others were texting, although it has never turned to personal or inappropriate.
Ye said he received text messages from students "15 times a year" and he kept the conversation very short and strict.
He made it clear to the students that texting him was "not for carelessness"-but if a student had a problem with his homework on Sunday night, it was usually easier to process it through text than by email, and better than students who don't do their homework at all.
However, the occurrence of problems does not always require the actual occurrence of inappropriate behavior;
Even the potential is enough.
"Sometimes you get a little nervous because it might be explained in some way or another," says Leaf . ".
"When I first started teaching, I was told never to stay alone in the classroom with a girl . . . . . . This rule is easy to follow. Now it’s hard.
Now that you have all these electronic rooms that you can't access, you may not think of them. "(Remind 101)
When the case becomes too personal, a rare situation occurs.
"For a teacher suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with the student, there was a situation that ended badly and as evidence, the text message condemned the evidence, which the above-mentioned middle school teacher told Wired.
Of course, there are ways to bypass the threat of misconduct.
Apps like reminder 101 allow teachers to send one-
Send text messages to students and parents, all numbers are kept confidential.
Reminder 101 clear: teachers sending text messages to students is a "safe way" to maximize the convenience of mobile phones while eliminating risks.
First the blackboard, then the whiteboard, now the SMART Board.
Technology kicked-the-board-
Tell the teacher about a computer screen that is basically interactive.
The idea is to give students a technical enhancement lesson to introduce Internet and computer applications while never leaving the front board.
The only problem is that most teachers treat them as fine whiteboards.
When it comes to smart boards, the Leaf representative region describes a "one size fits all" mindset.
Regardless of whether the teacher wants it or not, it is possible that their room will be equipped with wooden boards.
More and more areas are turning to the method of "every classroom has a smart board", which is a gorgeous feather for a school, at least on the surface.
But the board has spent thousands of dollars and most teachers are under-trained in how to actually use the board, meaning the easiest way to do this is to open a blank notepad document and use it onlyerase board.
This is another case of technology. in-the-
The class had the best intentions and the results were disappointing.
Nevertheless, the technology of the school has not fully realized its potential.
Asked what was in her backpack, Meirav gave a surprisingly old backpack
She says she still uses binder, theme notebook, and graphic calculator, which is more preferred than the calculator app.
Meirav doesn't sound like she will necessarily choose to use the iPad in class, she says "you just need to keep up with the times.
"Joel, on the other hand, seems to accept the rise of technology.
"Our generation is so committed that we have more responsibility," he said . " Some children thrive and some are with them.
"Leaf has a similar view of technology in the classroom.
"I think a lot of people today can be more for themselves. task," he said.
Adding these second screens in the classroom usually means that he will attract different attention from the students.
While this may not be a new phenomenon, it seems much easier for children to check out a lesson now.
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