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how the new ipad makes everything old again - graphics tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-09
how the new ipad makes everything old again  -  graphics tablet
Gracey, MorgueFile user, commented that the new iPad began shipping today.
As expected, the media is filled with stories about people eager to shop ---
Including Apple (AAPL)co-
Founder Steve Woznick-
Wait for them to get the latest tablet from the company.
Part of the attraction and emerging after
The sensitivity of consumer electronics users to PC.
These devices can meet people's needs, but are more convenient than desktops or laptops.
But there are other things to do with the iPad. -
The same is true for IPhone, Android smartphones and other new devices.
This enthusiasm is not strict and pragmatic, and cannot be explained by what some people seem to have on the ipad is a near-pedophile.
On the contrary, this profound cultural charm of technology may represent the significance of computing in the future ---
The desire to reconnect with the world in a seemingly new way, but in fact this desire began long ago.
Fans, critics: a regrettable PC enthusiast for the new iPad and Apple, but the tablet will not disappear
It's not that tablets are suddenly superior to all the other computing tools.
I recently purchased and started using Asus Transformer Prime (hate the name)
A tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard for business travel.
Light weight is a pleasure and there seems to be something easier to do on it.
For example, using the touch interface makes Google Reader faster and easier to use than a PC
Constantly exploding apps based on.
On a device, however, it is not as fast as jumping back and forth between apps as on a laptop or desktop. Long-
Writing a form with a screen keyboard is painful.
Popular live news: the Tony Award deadly crane collapse trophy hunting documentary Women's World Cup in other words, it seems unlikely that millions of people are eager to buy an iPad, because everything in the world where they may use computers is done by tablets more subtly and quickly.
So why feed crazy?
I think the answer is related to the addition of functions such as speech recognition, touch interface, super function, etc.
High resolution and non-resolution
Touch the gesture interface.
When life is both hands
Not long ago, people connected to the world directly or by inserting a tool for intermediate steps.
You make furniture with airplanes, saws, chisels and hammers.
Drawing a picture means using a pencil on paper.
Gardening is done on one end of the shovel and on the ground at the other end.
Processing metal parts with lathe and drilling machine.
Writing was done with pen and ink, or, at the time --
A typewriter that uses fake paper.
The computer changes it all by adding step 2 or step 3.
Now the computer controls the tools of wood and metal.
Writing still happens on the keyboard, but the characters appear on the screen and are saved in an invisible format until the printer is reproduced.
People draw with a mouse or a better graphic tablet.
But traditional media respond to a person's hand and you don't get any sensory feedback.
People's experience of the world has also become more distant, although it has already started a long time ago.
Publishers first brought the world to them through newspapers, magazines, and finally Television.
But it is still the length of the arm.
The same is true of computers.
Yes, the Web can bring you amazing things, but they are on the screen.
There is less and less development in the middle of the tablet, which shows that things are moving in another direction.
As Bob Sacks, a publishing consultant, told me, "form-
The tablet factor makes you feel a lot more about eliminating the rendering and you are actually creating it.
The resolution screen moves the image to a realistic level beyond the current limit, normal screen, TV, or print paper.
In their dynamism, these images begin to approach photography, turning the tablet into a framework for you to see the world.
At the same time, voice
Interface capability translates the behavior of interaction with technology into something natural-
Listen and say.
Of course, tablets do not replace a more direct experience of the world.
They are still wrapped in glass and metal and it's cold to touch.
But they did deviate from what computers have been offering for decades.
Maybe that's why the enthusiasm for these devices is much bigger than anyone including Apple executives.
People don't like to live alone.
Transition to tablet-
And the intensity of people embracing them ---
It may represent the hope of tech users that all sense and experience middlemen may begin to disappear again.
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