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how to calibrate the pen on a tablet pc - pen tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-18
how to calibrate the pen on a tablet pc  -  pen tablet for pc
Onda Vi30W 8 inch goole android 4.
0 tablet $124 and free shippingHow on tablet PCOne Colonel quasi pen, the advantage of tablet is that you can use pen to enter commands and text like you write on notepad
However, in order for the pen on the tablet to work as accurately as possible, you have to take some additional steps.
Just like you are in the PDA Colonel quasi-touch screen, you need to be in the tablet Colonel quasi-pen.
Set the digital pen of the tablet PC 1 to open the tablet.
If you have a convertible tablet, you need to rotate the screen and fold it over the keyboard so you can use the pen more conveniently.
2 Remove the pen from the tablet.
If you are using a digital pen that comes with the tablet, you may need to press the button to pop the pen out of the tablet.
3 navigate to the tablet and pen settings menu in the control panel.
Tapping the pen on the screen of the tablet can provide the same operation as the left side
Click with the mouse.
4 shows if you are right-handed or left-handed.
If you're left behind
Handed, in the menu designed to accommodate the left Program-
Manual use appears on the right side of the tip. For right-
Handed users can set the menu to appear on the left side of the tip of the pen.
5 click the "calibration" button and follow on-
Set the screen description of the digital pen on the tablet.
In addition to the position of the calibration pen, you can also set the speed of doubling
Click on the screen.
6 in the tablet Settings, select the handwritten tab.
You can calibrate your tablet in two ways to better identify handwritten content: personalized or auto-learning.
Enable the automatic learning option to collect handwritten data.
Whenever you correct the handwriting recognition software, it adapts to improving the ability to recognize subsequent handwriting.
8 launch the "handwritten personalized" program.
This will allow you to provide samples of each letter in your own handwriting style and train the PC to recognize your handwriting style.
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