how to draw a lineless illustration on sai painter or any other paint program - cintiq drawing tab

how to draw a lineless illustration on sai painter (or any other paint program) - cintiq drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-03
how to draw a lineless illustration on sai painter (or any other paint program)  -  cintiq drawing tablet
In this structure, I will show you how to draw a wireless illustration.
It's a really great style and it's easier than it looks.
First of all, you need the following :-SAI Painter (
Or any other paint procedure)-
A digital drawing tablet of some type.
I'm using Wacom Cintiq 12WX. -A computer-Patience-
Let's start a comfortable working space if you have everything!
Your first step is to sketch.
The color of my pen is usually light blue.
I know it sounds like a step back from where you want to go, but in my opinion, the easiest way to make a wireless illustration is for me. . . well. . . line it!
These lines are like a guide to your painting and will also help you to know where to shadow later.
So the second step is to open a new layer above the grass layer and rename it to "ink ".
Now use your sketch with dark lines.
I always use black.
Now, for step 3, you have to really get used to hiding and cancelinghiding layers.
Continue to hide your grass layer and show only your ink layer.
Generally speaking, color is a very convenient thing that you can do for yourself.
So go ahead and create a new layer called "color taste.
For each part of the character in a different color, make a taste.
Then, make a "general" taste with your basic color.
Things are starting to get a little confusing now.
You need to create a new layer for each different color section of the character.
For example, "skin" layer, "Hair", "shirt", etc.
Use the color selected for the base color. Finally!
It's time to get rid of those ugly lines.
Continue clicking the hide button.
Note: Don't delete the layer, it will help you to color your character later.
Now your character will look very bloated and confusing.
It's time to use the eraser tool and go to each different layer to clean up the edges.
Once my ones are all clean they look like this!
Now is the most difficult part, the time to color and increase the depth.
Go back to the color taste you made and continue to go to every line you make for each color and use some sort of paint or watercolor brush to mix your color on your character and color it.
On SAI painter, I used the watercolor tool.
To help you, put the opacity of your ink layer at 6% as a guide to where to color.
Warning: pay attention to which layer you are on!
You don't want to shadow on the wrong layer.
There are many different ways to draw a background for such illustrations.
I just took my steps for my character and applied all of them to the background!
The easiest way to do this is to hide your character so you can focus on the background.
Consider merging all parts of the character into one (
Use the merge button)
, Or create a file to put in all character layers.
Once the background is completed, unhide the character, remove the sketch and ink layer, and then voil!
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