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how to draw cartoons on the computer for beginners - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-22
how to draw cartoons on the computer for beginners  -  digital pen and pad
Welcome to my graphic design contest!
My name is George aka: PVT skittles, here I show you how to do simple, low cost digital art for starting digital artists
What I'm doing is trying to make digital cartoons using the smallest tool found in free software like Microsoft paint and make art from them.
I like to create cartoon animals, monsters, aliens and robots that look super cute or super scary, just like in the title.
I will show you how to make a cartoon shark (shown above).
What do you need :-Computer (
How will you make digital art with out one? :P)-Drawing tool e. g. .
Mouse (digital pen and keyboard)
Mouse is a great start if your work budget is low! )-
Drawing software e. g. .
Adobe Photoshop, MS painting, comics software (
I'm using Adobe Photoshop Element 12, but use only the tools you find in the free software, like MS Paint)
Do digital artists, painters, 3D works, costume designers, and more before starting the main image of your artwork.
You need to plan what you are going to do and choose your favorite design.
When making a cartoon, start by creating certain limbs and features on the bat first, drawing different types of mouth, eyes, limbs, hands/claws until you have a favorite for each feature(
I don't usually save my Doodle page, but I managed to find one: P)
You may think you have what you want, but there is no limit to how much graffiti you can do!
Before I designed the shark, I had a few pages of graffiti with different features, from the shark's mouth to the tail :)(
A page I saved is shown above).
You can scribble on paper or on your computer!
I would suggest doodling on paper because it's more natural for you before you start working on digital art.
However, you have to either digitize the work or re-
If you want to track your work, do it on your computer.
I scribble with my computer so I can get used to digital art more.
If you are new to digital art, I would also recommend that you do so.
Just have ham with graffiti and have fun! (
For people over the age of 16, "Go to Hamm" means don't back down! )
Complete the main steps of your cartoon painting!
: D from the graffiti you draw, you can choose your favorite and put them all on one page.
It's best to select multiple favorites for each feature you are drawing.
For example, I created a curved tail and a sharp one, but I liked both so I ticked/circled them.
So I can call the merge using the technology I like.
If you go back to the graffiti page from the first step, you can see that I merged two types of mouths to see what they would look like, I also added the back of the mouth to my first design, which is what I like.
Never stop doodling until you get what you want!
Now, once you have your favorite features, you should put them together like puzzles, just like me! (shown above)
Draw your characters, cartoons, animals, monsters, etc. using the features you have.
If you have software like Photoshop, you can easily drag the features you draw onto the main body of the cartoon.
I'm not going to do this because it might not end up like you wish!
Connect features, limbs and designs together to create your cartoon image!
For example, if you draw a cartoon version like a shark in real life, you can better understand the image, size, shape and body language by looking for quick pictures and videos (2:18)
Shark: D.
I found a video of the shark going downstream, and when it went back and swam forward for a while, I saw its tail holding up, which is my shark's pose!
Probably the simplest and most interesting part of the design!
As I limit myself to the standard tools for this project, the main weapon you use for this awesome drawing monster is the paint bucket.
If you don't know, this is a tool to fill in the blanks and patches with the color of your choice.
This is a simple advantage compared to paper drawings.
When you fill in certain parts of the cartoon, it's good to remember what color certain things have (
Yes I know I painted my shark red but please bear with me! :P)
The inside of the mouth, for example, would be a fleshy red instead of a completely hot pink, black or left blank.
If I give this color to my shark, it will be more realistic for the Red Shark.
Features like teeth don't always have to be white, one may be golden, or they may have a gray color just to give it a final push.
Because it's a cartoon that makes everything bright and rainbows are part of the cartoon culture, you really don't have to do that.
But I suggest you look at the picture you drew (again)
See what color they are, even better!
Look up the cartoon version you are painting and see what talented artists like you think about when painting that beautiful piece!
: D The last and best step of your awesome work!
There is only one color for each feature of your cartoon that will not be cut.
"But I don't have the right tools to work!
"You cry at me in a panicked voice. . Its ok!
For example, with easy-to-use free software (such as MS Paint) or tools in any other software, there is usually a standard brush tool.
This is usually used to draw the outline of the design and you may use this or pencil tool to draw it. :)
First, use the color picker tool to select the color of the feature to be detailed.
Click on the color, you should find a color tray and turn the opacity of the color down so that the color you get from the color picker is a little darker.
We will use it to describe the outline of the feature in detail and add the minimum shadow to the cartoon you are creating.
Imagine that there is an invisible sun somewhere on the page you designed, and I tend to put it in the top right corner of the screen and drawing one myself might help.
The color you just made will be in the opposite direction as the sun is facing, just like the real shadow!
Slowly bypassing the design as close to the outline as possible, it doesn't matter if you cross or even exceed the outline, because you can wipe it out and re-check the outline with any color you use.
Delete the Sun (
Or leave it there if you want)
As the brush shadow drawing should make the design have a little 3D effect, the design should be vivid.
I know I didn't use this strategy when painting sharks because I thought it looked good without it.
But I used it in the title and Picture/description above to make up for you :).
This is my first instructable!
When I started making pictures shortly after I got Photoshop, I decided to do so.
Being a digital artist/cartoonist is my dream job and I can't wait to be a digital artist/cartoonist one day.
It was very interesting and useful for me to make up for my art making skills: 3.
I hope it works for you too!
I decided to do my first coaching for the competition because I would love to know what the pros think about my coaching.
Speaking of what people have to say, please let me know in the comments section or contact me at gehfullick @ gmail.
Com or steam (
Same as my username: sk foodies)
Or on the Xbox 360 (
User Name: DOUBLEDEVIL666)
When I was 11 years old, I came up with a way to not judge me: Thank you for reading and drawing with me and for listening to me chatter about cartoons. :)
Link to the one I used to implement this awesome guidance :-
Adobe Photoshop Elements 12-
Wacom Intuos pen and touch small-
Lenovo Ideapad laptop-Youtube-Awesome people!
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