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how to fish with a shimano calcutta te 201 dc casting reel - smart board technology

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-05
how to fish with a shimano calcutta te 201 dc casting reel  -  smart board technology
Calcutta ano Calcutta TE 20dc is one of the most forward looking hotels
Think about the progress of fishing reel technology in today's market.
TE 20dc adds the existing reliable baitcast reel lineup, bringing board technology to the fishing world.
Using the centrifugal force generated by the rotating wire shaft during the casting process, digitally control the circuit board to store energy to power the continuously cast reel.
This "smart reel" preset eight braking modes, allowing the line shaft to obtain a higher rotational speed during the casting process before applying the brake.
Description difficulty: familiar with the external control of the Shimano TE 20dc reel.
Find the small knurling control knob located next to the handle and the DC brake control knob located opposite the reel.
Check if the reel is firmly mounted on the rod, if the line is winding properly, and fix the practice plug or bait to the end of the line.
Hold the handle of the rod and point the rod directly in front of you.
Turn the rolling control knob to tighten it completely.
Press the wire shaft release button located on the rear of Shimano TE 20dc to release the wire shaft.
Reduce casting control by slowly turning.
Note that the bait or plug begins to fall to the ground.
Usually, you will want the bait or plug to drop slowly and smoothly.
Set the DC brake control according to the distance and weight of the bait or plug to be cast.
If you are not sure about the correct setting, turn the dial so that it is located halfway between the Max brake at the bottom and the min brake setting.
You can be fine from here.
Adjust the DC brake according to your casting method.
Reel and plug or bait in the line, so that it extends 8 to 10 inch below the tip of the rod.
Press the wire shaft to release and cast, as is usually done with baitcast reels.
The digital control will allow the plug or bait to go further without brake interference.
When using the reel initially, consider the increased distance.
Use the increased casting distance to position yourself on land or boat further away from school, feeding or catching fish.
This may be a great benefit as it will reduce the interference in the water.
Tips and warning articles written by Keith DooleyKeith Dooley have degrees in outdoor education and sports management.
He has served as assistant sports director, head coach and assistant coach in various sports including football, softball and golf.
Dooley has worked for various websites in the past to write teaching articles on various topics.
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