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how to get cbc news on your smart speaker - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-30
how to get cbc news on your smart speaker  -  smart
Want to get the latest local and national news on your smart speaker?
Here is a guide for getting news broadcasts from the CBC newsroom across the country under your command.
First of all, let's take a look at Google's smart home speakers.
Scroll down for Amazon Alexa devices.
Google home gets the latest national news from CBC News, just say, "Hey, Google, play CBC news.
"If you want to hear the CBC when you play news at Google Home or catch up with you, please add the CBC news to your news source list and customize the order in which they play.
Follow the steps below in the Google Home app: Open the app.
Select Settings ".
Select More settings. "Select "News.
"From here you can add news sources by checking the blue box.
Can't find the CBC news?
At the bottom of the menu, you can find more news sources.
You can also choose to change the order of news sources.
Amazon AlexaCBC News is the default News show for Amazon Alexa devices in Canada.
Just insert and ask the news and the CBC news broadcast will be played.
If you have a device with a video screen, you will receive a video from the CBC News Network.
If you have an audio device, you will get the latest version of our hourly broadcast update, world, this hour.
You can also call us by name.
To get the latest update from CBC News at any time, just say "Alexa, let the CBC play the News" and the latest News show will play.
You can also get your local news from the CBC by adding us to your flash briefing.
CBC News provide the local News Update Alexa on from the following news editorial department: torontohalifaxsaskatchewanmontrealcalgaryottawavancouveredmontonwinnipegsudburyst.
Johnswindsorthunder BayIt is easy to add one of our local news shows to your flash briefing.
For example, if you want to get local news from Edmonton like "Alexaenable Edmonton News ".
"The rest is handed over to the equipment.
You can also find and add CBC news broadcasts in your Amazon Alexa app: search under "skills and games" and then type "CBC News" in the search bar ".
You can add any of our local News broadcasts by searching for "CBC News" and the city you are looking.
Select the skill and click Enable to add the skill to the flash briefing.
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