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how to handle a smart-mouthed child - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-22
how to handle a smart-mouthed child  -  smart
A child with a "smart" mouth, when he feels angry, frustrated or needs attention, may be disrespectful to your mouth, curse, imitation or speaking.
If your child can't control this bad habit, he may have trouble with teachers, classmates, teammates, or siblings who may think he is rude, rude, or arguing.
When you interact with your child, use motivation and behavioral skills to help him speak politely and respect the people around him.
When you call your child and other adults, set a good example with respectful words.
When you have discussions or arguments, speak calmly and rationally and become a positive example.
Avoid sarcasm, insults or cursing, which will lead your child to believe that it is acceptable if she speaks the same way.
Build boundaries and let your child know what kind of language and tone you will allow.
The agricultural and University promotion website of North Dakota State University recommends that you make a simple rule and result that you can carry out on an ongoing basis.
Tell your child, for example, if he doesn't talk to you the way he does, he will lose the video game privilege of the day or he will not be allowed to go to a friend's house.
If your child won't stop you from talking smart, walk away.
If your child does not respect you, it is important not to participate in the debate, especially if you are worried that you will lose your temper and use negative language yourself.
Tell your child to go back to her room until you can calm down and discuss the situation rationally.
Tell her that it is more effective to discuss disappointment, frustration or anger calmly than to express discontent through the mouth.
Motivate your child with money when you try to eliminate a smart mouth.
Collect enough coins, equal to your child's weekly allowance, and tie the coins to a piece of cardboard.
Every time he squats, remove a coin from the board.
He will only receive the remaining coins on the weekend.
If you 'd rather promote good behavior than punish bad guys, create a sticker chart.
Draw rows of squares on cardboard with marker pens.
Ask your child to add a sticker every time they call someone correctly or resist the urge to talk back.
Rewards such as ice cream tours or watching movies are provided when your child fills in the chart.
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