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how to make the most of your small kitchen - smart kitchen table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-28
how to make the most of your small kitchen  -  smart kitchen table
In order to be livable, the Houzz ContributorA kitchen must run smoothly (and likeable).
Every component in the compact kitchen must be perfectly planned, from layout to appliances, all components must be united to overcome the limitations of cooking in limited space.
This means that it usually takes longer to design a small kitchen than to plan a room three times the size because the requirements are very precise.
Follow these tips
Some of them are shown in a more spacious kitchen, but can be adapted to small places --
Learn how to squeeze every inch out of your cooking space.
Use drawers instead of doors.
Switch all cabinets to drawers for maximum availability of available areas.
Drawers have easy access to each item, unlike cabinets, which need to be rummaged and can cause confusion in the cooking space when you have time to make room on a bulging shelf.
Rows of drawers look chic and organized, even if there is nothing inside.
A small breakfast bar is installed.
If you don't have room for a kitchen table, consider sacrificing a few cabinets to squeeze into a small breakfast bar. This free-
The standing countertop ledge is a neat way to ensure sitting meals without adding volume to a slight space.
Optimize positioning.
If you have a U in your room-
Shape layout, consider if extra
Slim cabinets or drawers provide the best positioning for your key appliances.
Here, narrow drawers and drawers on both sides of the stove mean that the coveted kitchen work triangle can still be maintained.
Reconsider your sink
The lower mounting sink saves table top space and allows flat drainage areas to be used as a second surface.
Another option for the kitchenette is an embedded sink.
The compact farmhouse style also works well.
Master of shelves.
Look at the shelves by going beyond the obvious options.
This modular unit is built into the wall and can be accessed from both sides and there is a lot of light passing through.
This simple and quirky system is fun but unobtrusive.
Skip the heavy handle.
The hardware of the cabinet door looks like an irrelevant space.
Saver, but the visual effect of the streamlined cabinet is important because there is no handle in the small space to grab your clothes.
Look for cabinets with insert slots or choose a thin pull that fits the door line. Pick pint-
Small household appliances.
Don't think big is better in kitchen appliances.
Find smart styles designed for small spaces
You don't need to sacrifice precious storage space in order to plug them in.
For example, this electric Aga is only 24 inch wide, meaning the comfort cabin kitchen you 've been longing for is within reach.
Crowded in the warehouse under the seat. A built-
In the kitchenette it makes sense to sit on a bench as it can hug the corner of the room.
The grooves below beg for use in oversized pans or dry goods, so be sure to take advantage of this secret warehouse.
The next big single.
Why make dust?
When you can get a precious extra inch by extending the cabinet to the ceiling, the trap gap above the Cabinet?
This exact cabinet size is usually only possible with custom cabinets, but ask your designer for a choice and you may be lucky to get a proper off-the-shelf option. Work your wall.
It is worth making good use of your walls when the surface space is large.
Install a shelf, bar or nail plate, remove the appliance from the countertop and place it on the wall.
You can release the whole cabinet by hooking everything to anything with a handle.
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