how to spring-clean your pantry in 6 easy steps, according to melissa - digital pen and pad-ITATOU

how to spring-clean your pantry in 6 easy steps, according to melissa - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-22
how to spring-clean your pantry in 6 easy steps, according to melissa  -  digital pen and pad
We moved into a new house last weekend.
Although it is only a few blocks away from our old house, the logistics still looks huge.
The advantage of moving, however, is that you can clear it, if only to avoid having to pack, carry and open another box yourself.
So, in the spirit of celebrating spring (
Because it's very fresh in my mind in our actions)
, I am sharing with you my favorite spring cleaning method: clear pantry week.
First of all, I should admit that I don't like cleaning in general.
When friends say they feel relaxed or relaxed, I can't help but wonder if they have never been to the spa.
So, when I describe any cleaning task, let me know something about the loose use of the word "favorite.
But stay with me here because the pantry is a fun game and I'm not saying, just like I tried to convince my daughter to make the bed every morning by singing on the steps our way.
I really like to clean up the pantry. CTP)Week.
And, unlike many spring cleaning tasks, CTP will actually save you cash immediately, which is the same as making money, except for the better, because the savings are aftertax.
To put it simply, CTP is committed to shopping from our own tea room instead of the store, which reduces confusion and improves inventory turnover and cash flow.
We will be happy, your storage room, fridge and freezer are clean and you have some extra cash in your pocket. Ready?
How to CTP in 6 simple steps: 1.
Decide how much "bonus" you give yourself in the store ".
The bonus is the total amount you can spend in the store during your CTP-it applies to real essentials like perishable foods and diapers like fresh milk.
I usually give me a $20 bonus for a family of six.
Time commitment: 5 minutes 2.
Take three sheets of paper, a pen and a trash can and go to your kitchen.
List everything in your refrigerator, refrigerator and Cabinet (
One per list).
Food is grouped roughly by category, such as protein, dairy products, vegetables, etc.
It sounds hard to accept, but just keep moving and just note things down.
There's a trash can at hand and throw anything bad or you don't know (
That's why when freezing food, the first rule is to label everything and date it! ).
Interesting: you have a total of one hour to do this, so there are 20 minutes in each area-the fridge, the fridge and the pantry.
This time limit will not make you too precious in the process. Keep moving.
Time commitment: 1 hour 3.
Take your list and record it with tape somewhere near your computer. Get a coffee.
If you're tired of dealing with a lot of random groceries, it's most likely because you broke 20-minute-per-
Regional rules above (been there; no judgment)
Then congratulate yourself on having a good job, leave and come back tomorrow as you need to be creative for your next party.
Time commitment: 5 minutes to 1 day including inactive relaxation time. 4.
Feeling refreshed? Good.
Look at your list of ingredients.
You are now going to list meals or dishes that you can make with your ingredients.
This is three. step process. (
I know the pace within a step seems a bit mean, but here we are. I’m sorry. )
Time commitment: 1 hour-
Start with protein and list some of the common dishes you make for your family that contain the protein and other ingredients from your three lists.
If you are missing ingredients, please scan your list again to see if nothing can be used to exchange vinegar instead of lemon juice, for example, or replace fresh beans with frozen peas.
Or, decide if it's worth using your very valuable bonus (
But this is the last thing. we haven't arrived yet, have we? ).
Write down all your dish ideas on the menu (
So, yes, the fourth piece of paper). —
Next, scan your list to see if there is any food that has been around for a long time and needs to get into a greener ranch.
I'm not referring to food that has gone bad, but you haven't found any useful food yet. Find a use.
Can you season those canned baked beans with some harissa from 2012?
Yes, you can. today is the day to write this down on the menu. —
Finally, scan your food list and you don't know exactly what to do-for example, harissa (
If you don't find the thought of that Bean by chance).
Sit in front of your computer, search for these ingredients online and get some ideas.
Search for multiple ingredients that you think might be used together to see what recipes will be.
Keep in mind that you don't need to follow these recipes completely, but be inspired to swap and have a little fun. 5.
You should now have a pretty good list of meal ideas using what's in your pantry.
As the week goes by, cross them off when you use the ingredients.
If you cut it completely from the same fabric as me, you will find it very satisfying.
Time commitment: a few minutes a day.
Continue as long as you are willing/able to get your family on board.
Time commitment: no matter how long it takes you to calculate how much money it saves without shopping for a week, I clean up the pantry once or twice a year just to make sure I don't keep the meat in the deepest part of the fridge for too long (
I hate to throw away an ingredient just because I forgot).
To motivate you, I will share a few of my favorite dishes made during the CTP week: all-
Four of my pork. step chicken(pictured above)
, Which allows me to swap the ingredients with anything lurking in the cupboard and clear the original recipe for the pantry, salmon cake I made with a can of salmon, I found it one day behind the cabinet.
What are your favorite CTP findings?
Let me know in the comments below.
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