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how to turn off smart tv snooping features - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-27
how to turn off smart tv snooping features  -  smart
We watch TV. in many cases, our TV will also watch us.
This is the news background this week that Vizio agreed to address allegations of violation of the law by using software in its "smart" Internet --
Without permission, connect the TV to collect data on what the user is watching.
The software tells Vizio what consumers are playing on TV, whether it's from radio or cable channels, streaming services, DVD players, or other sources.
The company also collects data from the user's WiFi network and the mobile devices connected wirelessly to the TV. (
Our consumer colleagues have more details. )
Other manufacturers of the Internet
Connected TVs, including Samsung and LG, will also track users' viewing habits.
But unlike Vizio, these companies require people to click on the "OK" of the privacy policy during the setup period to nominally agree to the practice.
Consumer Reports on this technology have been written, and this technology is often referred to as automatic content recognition (ACR)
It has only become more common since 2015.
Just like what you like on Facebook or the details of using Google search, information collected by TV manufacturers can be sold to big data brokers who compile consumer information for sale to marketers.
ACR data can also be used to target TV viewers for specific ads
Consumers have become accustomed to this practice on the Internet, but this is just beginning in the field of television.
Vizio tried to clarify its actions in a statement that emailed the consumer report.
"The ACR procedure never pairs the viewing data with personally identifiable information (such as name or contact information) and the Commission has not otherwise charged or argued," Vizio wrote . ".
"Instead, as the complaint points out, the approach of the government challenge involves only the use of viewing data in the" agreement "to create summary reports that measure viewing viewers or behaviors.
"No matter how the data is used, you may prefer to keep your viewing habits.
Every smart TV we 've tested has a way to turn off this user tracking.
Here are instructions on how to use Vizio, Samsung and lg TV, a leading US brandS.
Vizio has used more than one system for content recognition, but the name of the feature is consistent: intelligent interaction.
As of yesterday, Vizio updated the privacy policy to view the data storage that disabled the feature on the TV.
If you want to ensure security by manually turning off the feature, the process depends on the Vizio set you have.
Almost all new videos now use Google.
Intelligent Casting System.
To turn off smart interactions, open the Vizio app on your mobile device, find the settings, and click Reset and manage.
Now you can turn this off using the screen slider button.
Old model plus newer D-
Series, using a platform called Vizio Internet application (VIA).
Go to system settings.
In the menu called Reset and manage, highlight the smart interaction and press the right arrow to disable the ACR.
On the newer smart TV model, click the Settings icon in the main menu, look for support, and scroll down to terms and policies ".
There are a number of options, including viewing information services, voice recognition services, nuanced voice recognition, and privacy statements.
You can choose not to accept any of them.
Then disable the internet-
Based on the advertising function.
Turn off the sound-
Related services will prevent you from using voice-
The control function of the TV, but when you simply choose to exit the view information service, you will not notice any difference.
"On the old Samsung smart TV, the ACR control can be found under the Smart Hub menu of the TV.
Find the Settings icon, click support, and then find the submenu with the title "terms and policies.
Select SyncPlus and Marketing with an option to disable the feature.
Turning off the voice recognition service will disable voice control, which is sending voice commands to the third-
Supplier of processing party.
On LG's newer webOS TV, click the Settings icon in the main menu and scroll down until you see "general ".
Find the about this TV submenu and click user agreement ".
There are three options to consider: View information, personal ads, and voice messages.
You can opt out of all of these features.
Turning off the voice option will prevent you from using voice-
The other two options do not affect performance.
A little easier on old lg TV.
Go to Settings, find options, and then open the ACR version of LivePlus for LG.
Once there is, you can turn the function on and off.
LG told us that it will update its 2016 and 2017 Smart TVs later this year so that there is a LivePlus option in the menu that can be turned on and off.
Last point: even if you can choose not to use this data
Most smart TV manufacturers note that they will still continue to receive some non-
Identify information from a smart TV.
They said that it is necessary to provide the basic functions of TV.
So even if your TV doesn't spy directly, it may still be sniffing.
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