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how wacom tablets work - wacom pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-17
how wacom tablets work  -  wacom pen tablet
Features of Wacom tablets now we know how they work and let's get familiar with many different tablet models that Wacom offers ---
Exact to said is 13.
All tablets have three lines, each with unique features that appeal to a specific audience.
First of all, we'll look at the two lines of tablets that are best suited to "creative professionals" in Wacom ads.
"These tablets are for those with a stronger background in digital art or graphics who want to work with a tablet, not a hobby.
The first is the Intuos tablet.
Intuos5 is small (12. 5 inch, or 31. 7 centimeters), medium (
15 inch, or 31. 1 centimeters)and large (
19 inch, or 48. 2 centimeters)
The range is from $229 to $469. (An extra-
The big Intuos4 is available but it loses some features. )
This tablet has the appearance of a traditional design tablet, which means matte
Look at the surface of "painting" when you look at your computer screen (
All devices are connected via USB and the software download is fairly standard).
A lot of shadow extension
Touch support, which means you can navigate with your fingers and you can touch a key that can easily display your tablet settings on your computer screen.
With custom keys (
Button at the bottom of the tablet, providing "shortcut" for the function ")
Apps like Wacom and SketchBook Express touted the Intuos line as a great choice for professional designers.
Another tablet for professionals is the Cintiq series.
These are 12-inch (30. 4-centimeter)model, a 22-inch (55. 8-centimeter)
24 and 2inch (60. 9-centimeter)models ($999-$3699).
What separates them from the packaging is their LCD screen, which allows you to draw, write or design directly on the screen.
The same technology--pen and all --
But with the benefits of the LCD screen.
As you can guess from the price point, these are highly advanced tablets, mainly used by professionals who need to control traditional art tools but adopt digital formats.
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom are bundled with other traditional design apps.
But maybe you're just exploring graphic tablets for the first time, or using them outside of work?
Next, we will look at a line that might fit you.
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