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how yankees set curious target for top pitching prospect - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
how yankees set curious target for top pitching prospect  -  smart
Lake buena vista, Florida—
On Monday, Yankees manager Alan Bunn said club officials believe that, with some top pitchers in mind, right-wing Jonathan loaisi could cast 100 innings in 2019.
This is the first time that the team members have given an approximation of Loaisiga's workload this season.
Some people asked Boone if the team was seriously considering 24-year-
Old starter or reliever.
"Not necessarily," said Boone.
"I can see a case where he did a little for us this year.
Of course, in the long run, the long run against him is that we believe he has a high cap as a starter pitcher.
I think it will be a priority, even if we have some roles in the pen for us to use him at different times this year.
"To a large extent, we want him to continue starting.
The other thing is that we will be careful about his game.
How we will calculate his workload in this year will be a balance.
I think he had about 80 games last year.
So, of course, we think he can play 100 games this year.
But this is where we have to be smart.
"Loaisiga is competing with Luis cesska, dominguo de La Liga and the newly signed Gio Gonzalez for one of the two open rotation places for the Yankees.
Let's break down a few questions: 1. )
Update: In the original version of this post, it said Loaisiga only voted 56 innings last year.
This is not correct.
He voted 80 2/3.
Normally, the team will take the jump between 30 and 40 innings each year as the standard for the developing pitcher.
This will make Loaisiga around 100.
He can play if he can stay healthy. 2. )
Is it possible that Loaisiga didn't finish the season because a source said he started as a starter in a Grand Slam, where he was fighting for one of the two open rotation places, or in threeA.
If he stays healthy, he has 75 innings for 5 innings and 15 innings.
Will the Yankees want Loaisiga to pitch as long as possible and then close him? They would put him in a certain number of games as a starter, and then move him to the bullpen, so he's a big shot.
League choice is longer or they will slow down his workload halfway through the season so they can reach him at bkuty @ njadvancemedia. com.
Follow him on Twitter @ BrendanKutyNJ. Find NJ.
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