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huawei jumps ahead of apple in tough smartphone market - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-28
huawei jumps ahead of apple in tough smartphone market  -  smart
A tracker said on Tuesday that Huawei outsold Apple's iphone in the first quarter of this year, taking up California's second place in Samsung's increasingly tight smartphone market. A total of 310.
In the first three months of this year, 8 million smartphones were sold worldwide.
According to preliminary data from China, it was down 6% from the same period in 2018.
International data company.
Market-tracking added that it was the sixth consecutive quarter of decline in global smartphone shipments.
IDC believes that this result shows that smartphone shipments will drop another 2019 in addition to Huawei's strong growth.
"It's becoming increasingly clear that Huawei is focusing on improving its position in the field of mobile devices, with smartphones being its dominant force," said Ryan Reith, IDC's mobile device program director . ".
"The entire smartphone market is still facing challenges in almost all areas, but Huawei's shipments are up 50%.
Samsung, South Korea's consumer electronics giant, has seen smartphone shipments drop. 1% to 71.
First quarter 9 million.
Meanwhile, Huawei entered the market for £ 50.
3% growth to 59 shipments.
According to IDC, 1 million smartphones are placed within Samsung's "eye-catching distance.
Apple faced a challenge in the first quarter, with iPhone shipments falling by 30.
From 2% to 36 a year ago.
IDC reported 4 million units.
China's price cuts and favorable trade
Market watchers say it is not enough to persuade people to upgrade to a new iphone in the deal.
Apple is strongerthan-
As service growth offset the decline in iPhone sales, shares of the tech giant rebounded.
High-overall slowdown
The terminal smartphone market has been seen as a symptom of people waiting more time to upgrade to a new model, as well as a lack of fascinating innovations that inspire them to do so.
"Consumers continue to keep their phones longer than before, because newer models with higher prices have little incentive to pay for upgrades," said Anthony Scarsella, IDC research manager . ".
"In addition, the upcoming arrival of 5g phones may allow consumers to wait for the network and devices to be ready during the prime time of 2020.
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