huawei unveils eyewear smartglasses designed to be indistinguishable from regular glasses - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-08
huawei unveils eyewear smartglasses designed to be indistinguishable from regular glasses  -  smart
Huawei, the Chinese smartphone giant, has launched a smart glasses, six years after Google Glass failed.
Huawei, in partnership with South Korean sunglasses brand Gentle Monster, said it aims to integrate fashion and technology with glasses smart glasses.
In order to avoid the mistake of introducing smart glasses before, Warwick's focus should be on the glasses themselves rather than the technology embedded in them.
Unlike Google glasses or Snapchat glasses, Warwick glasses will not be equipped with cameras
This feature gives the wearer of Google Glass an unfortunate nickname "Glass glasses ".
"Maybe we have to change the way smart glasses are made.
"Gentle Monster CEO Han Kojin said at the unveiling ceremony in Paris on Tuesday.
"Maybe we should change the order to 'glasses smart '.
"In order to adapt to this no-way, glasses sunglasses will have a variety of styles that are almost impossible to distinguish from regular glasses.
There will be no buttons or charging ports, instead they can respond to the tap and charge wirelessly from within the enclosure.
What the hell can they do?
The main function is to provide a seamless link to the wearer's smartphone through a series of microphones, speakers and Bluetooth technologies.
This will allow the wearer to answer calls and access the smart assistant via voice commands.
Huawei did not give any other details and did not disclose how much they might spend.
Available from July 2019.
The eyewear smart glasses are unveiled alongside a range of other hardware, including Huawei's new p30 series flagship smartphone.
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