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huion h610 pro drawing tablet review - pen for tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-27
huion h610 pro drawing tablet review  -  pen for tablet
Huen: King of tabulichiro!
I'm going to tell an interesting story today.
I will introduce you to a budget graphics tablet and would like to help you decide if it will fit you.
Huion is a Chinese electronics manufacturer specializing in the production of tablets and accessories.
They are known for offering affordable products that make the money for big brands work well.
But how good are they?
Don't get me wrong when I just said "affordable.
This is not the same thing as saying "cheap.
"Huion produces tablets and display tablets, which are priced between $500 and $900.
It's not cheap right now, is it?
Overall, this is still a very attractive offer given the competition.
Huion's brand logo is a crown made of three pencils.
When you have time to look at their catalog of products, you will find that this is a very suitable logomark.
The company produces high-quality tablets at a budget price and works as described.
How is it possible? Is it a trick? Well, no. It's a fact.
Huion's product, as advertised, has only a few small discrepancies.
In most cases, the customer has a problem with the physical aspect of the product rather than the software aspect.
But before I go into the details, let's start with my review of Huon H610 Pro!
Huion H610: RebrandedI bought my Huion a few years ago.
At that time, there were two versions of the tablet, one was the Pro version.
Unfortunately for me until I purchased my "standard" H610 (See above).
Now it seems that the company has completely abandoned the H610 series and officially renamed it H610 Pro.
But what's the difference between the two?
The two tablets are exactly the same.
The difference is that the pressure level of the H610 is 2048, while the pressure level of the Pro version is 8192.
In addition, one has a battery pen and the other has a charging pen.
Which one do you guess?
That's it!
So after the company realized that these features did not justify the classification of the two separate series, they eventually merged them into one series.
There are only professional versions now, and there are two versions to choose from-
One has a pressure sensitivity of 2048 and the other has a pressure sensitivity of 8192.
Both of them are now equipped with rechargeable stylus.
This is a good example of a smart brand strategy that won't confuse customers.
You did a great job, Huen!
UnboxingI got my tablet from an independent retailer instead of the official company store.
The retail price is the same, but in my case there is no associated seller offering a better shipping quote than Huion.
That's why I got it from another source.
Fortunately for me, the tablet is packed very well in the official box.
I was surprised!
It's packed in a nice carton that looks like the one they use for their laptop (see photos).
The content includes the following items: Huion H610 Tablet 1 x Battery pen (
Except batteries)1 x mini-USB cable (for tablet)
1 x pen holder/holder (
There are 4 spare nibs)1 x Driver CD (
For Windows and Mac OS)
2 x User Manual (
For Windows and Mac OS)
My first impression after checking the tablet outside was mixed.
Let's start with positive observation.
The tablet is quite large and the spacious work area provides you with enough space for painting.
This is very important, especially when you draw a curve with your elbow.
In addition to that, you have 24 customizable buttons in total.
This is a lot of shortcuts!
There are 8 button shortcuts on your left and they are also marked with the corresponding features.
However, you don't need to assign those exact functions to them.
You can program them to any shortcut you want.
But they have tagged it so it's a bit confusing.
The additional 16 shortcut keys are not physical buttons.
You can only activate your tablet with a stylus when it is connected to your PC.
I think it's an advantage, not an alternative.
You can also combine them to customize any shortcut you want for your VPs.
Outside, the tablet looks too crowded and there are plenty of options for your convenience.
But for this reason alone, some people are not satisfied.
It depends on whether you are minimalist in nature or not.
There's so much to offer in the negative observations about H610 Pro.
It depends, of course, on how individuals work.
But I also agree that in a way all these shortcuts and keys can be more easily held back when they are more helpful than they are.
I'm not sure if there are physical buttons on the tablet is a good idea, mainly because I can't get used to pressing the right key without looking, but I can do that on the keyboard.
Also, normally they seem to be stuck in a feature and you need to press a bunch of other buttons to pop up. Very annoying.
There will be more later.
Last but not least, the tablet looks very "retro ".
"I mean, it's not the most beautiful design, it may disappoint some people.
Personally, I think it's too fat and I don't like the shape very much either.
When there is a rubber cap on the back of it to prevent the slide from falling (really awesome)
, Those strange curves on the top and bottom of the surface are bothering me.
Maybe they should be able to prevent discomfort when you put your wrists there.
But really, is it really helpful?
I think it would look better if the tablet got rid of the blank space around the work area, like those curves I just mentioned.
I want them to flatten the whole surface.
I almost forgot!
One of my main problems is the smell of burnt electronics.
This gives me a bad feeling of being paranoid when I use it.
The taste seems to have come out of the pen, and I'm afraid everyone else is.
I have also seen other people complain about it.
Even before use, the stylus smells like a burning electronic component.
It doesn't go away when you start drawing, and in fact it moves to your fingers.
At first, I was sure there was something wrong with my pen.
Then I accidentally lost it and it was permanently damaged.
I had to buy a new one and secretly hoped my scent problem would be solved.
Unfortunately, history repeats itself.
The new stylus has the same glitch.
"After studying this, I found that this is the case.
I can't say it's safe or normal.
Now, I have not experienced any fault (
1 year continued strong).
So, you might want to think about it before you buy it!
Performance review remember I explained the difference between the old H610 and the updated H610 pro?
A quick review, one with a battery pen and the other with a rechargeable stylus.
Unfortunately, I got a bad deal on this matter.
But not as bad as I thought.
The battery stylus is good and feels more like a real ink pen.
It has a clickable on/off switch with no rechargeable model.
The latter has a built-in
It's in automatic sleep mode.
Also, there is no cover for the old pen to protect its tip.
If you have an H610 Pro now, Huion will ship it with a new rechargeable pen that weighs twice as much as the original one.
Seriously, it's too light. you feel like you're catching the air.
Working with it was a great experience.
No complaints.
Here are a few photos of the two styles to let you know how they look.
As I mentioned earlier, the smell of electronic products is very bad.
It doesn't seem to disappear even after a year of use.
Huion is a good thing to offer a spare nibs, but I never need any one based on all my experience.
No matter how thick and abusive your stylus is, you are more likely to damage the drawing surface than nibs.
In fact, I would suggest you buy a film protector on the surface that not only keeps the scratches --
Free but should also give it a piece of paperlike texture.
It costs you about $5.
Let's check the work area and draw the work area of the surface.
Hui en Sports 10x65" touch-
Whatever that means, a sensitive canvas with an "emc digitizer.
Despite these fancy words, the surface looks smooth, but it is also easy to scratch.
At first I was worried that nibs would leave a terrible scratch and then I needed to replace the tablet.
This is not the case at all.
It looks delicate but the surface of the work area is very rough
Believe me, I resist.
In a year, I accidentally messed it up.
It's more action than Bruce Willis sees in dead hard!
Let me give you an example.
The unfortunate accidents I experienced with my tablet included a drink overflow (mostly coffee)
, I knocked a few times in the corner of my desk, scratches caused by stylus and other metal objects, such as the spring of The Notebook, just to name a few.
There are some minor visible scratches due to my poor treatment, but they don't affect the performance of the tablet in any way.
The stylus was able to run smoothly on the surface, just like the first day I opened it.
You don't feel like paper.
It's like the feeling when drawing, but as I mentioned earlier, this can also be remedied.
Most modern Huion tablets have a special surface treatment that mimics the feel and feel of paper for a more authentic experience.
However, my old dinosaur is not a member of this club.
At the end of the day, the most favorable feature of the surface is its size.
H610 Pro is a standard-
Tablet computers competing with giants such as Wacom.
There is a lot of painting space here.
For reference only, the tablet itself is related to the size of the ordinary laptop, excluding the thickness.
Hotkeys and express functional shuion H610 Pro are a very comfortable tablet that can be used no matter how big it is.
As mentioned earlier, it provides a wide variety of shortcut settings.
On the left side, you will find 8 physical shortcut buttons that are predefined for their respective functions.
For example, there are buttons for brush size, zoom, reverse operation (Undo)and so on.
Technically you can assign completely different features to all of them, but this will only confuse you as the button tag is permanent.
But if eight shortcuts are not enough for you, there are still 16 for Huion H610 Pro.
Yes, twice that!
They are located on the top edge of the work area, similar to a ruler.
Unlike eight physical keys, which are touch keyssensitive.
This means that they will only work if you activate them using a stylus.
Whether or not this is a smart idea depends on personal preference.
Now let's talk about the efficiency of all these access points.
The eight shortcut buttons tend to be stuck in one function and won't be stuck out easily.
Sometimes they run into problems and fully activate another feature.
This is most common when I use undo shortcuts, for example.
Something happened along the way and the mobile tool was called (on Photoshop).
Then it gets into this state before you manage to get rid of it.
This annoying issue also occurs with several other buttons.
The additional 16 function keys do not rule out the problem. They work. . . sometimes.
Here we have a different type of problem.
It is not clear that the user should touch the surface with a stylus to activate one of the features.
The key number should be a safe target area, but this is not the case in actual testing.
I think, depending on your drawing software, the success rate of activating these keys will be different.
I tested so much with mixed results.
On Illustrator and Photoshop, the range of keys is 1-
4 can hardly be used.
Instead, the cursor selects files and edit menus as they are right where your stylus is located in the workspace.
Seems to be a mapping problem (
More information about this).
So it's not that pleasant for me to use these buttons.
Not to mention that they are too small, there is no way to know which one you clicked before you look down.
If I had to look down-
Maybe turn on some lights if I work in the dark
Then I might as well use the keyboard on my laptop.
The physical keys on the left hand side are also less useful.
They are easier to remember and control.
But the annoying problem of getting them into a state is actually going against their purpose there in the first place.
Overall, the idea of having this kind of easy access is not bad.
If you ask me, it's just a question of poor execution.
They were there, though.
With or without these extra buttons, the tablet is worth it.
If you're like me, ignore them.
SoftwareHuion shipped all of their products with a driver CD.
If your hardware is missing a disc, you can download the driver from the official product page.
You can even download the user manual in the PDF.
This proves that product support is really important!
The general misconception is that the driver needs to be installed for tablet work.
This is not true.
Tablet works as a plug-inand-play device.
But if you want to customize the buttons on your tablet and stylus then you need to install the driver.
FYI, the software name is displayed as PenTabletDriver on your system.
Okay, you set up the driver. what about now?
Some features may require you to open the program with administrator privileges.
That's why it's better to always run it as an administrator.
The interface is very simple and intuitive (See below).
The first thing you will see is the setting of the stylus button and the range of pressure sensitivity scales.
There is also a pen pressure test, but I have never used it.
Leave all the others behind.
Yes and look for options advanced settings.
You will find good things there.
In the advanced settings menu, you will find the working area map, shortcut keys, and left-hand mode (
Yes, it also has this feature! ).
What's really awesome about Huion is that you can specify shortcuts for any access point with the following parameters: Any keyboard key;
Attach the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift key (Simulated Newsand-hold);
This brings incredible power to your tablet!
You can also disable them completely if you want.
Move on to the next item on the Advanced Settings screen.
The big grid you see is your actual work area.
This is the surface area that the stylus can detect.
Let's assume that you draw with a small part of the area of the smaller stroke, then you can easily define exactly how much you need. Pretty cool!
The rest is yourself.
So I won't elaborate.
One thing I would like to point out, though, is import and export options.
When you finally set up your tablet the way you want it to, if anything happens, you can export the settings and save them in a safe place, and need to reinstall the software or use Huion H610 Pro on another device. Alright!
Let's talk about some issues with software performance.
This is not perfect.
When you plug in the H610 Pro, the software will not detect your tablet and activate it automatically.
When you start your computer, it has to be connected already.
This is annoying because it often becomes unavailable.
The solution to this problem is to connect the tablet and run the program (driver)
Even if it is already displayed as active in the task list.
Wait, it gets more annoying.
Let's say your tablet is connected and the driver is running.
Then you need to take a break and leave your workstation.
Five minutes later, you come back and find your device in sleep mode.
You signed it back. . .
Your tablet is not responding.
Don't panic!
I think the driver slept too.
You need to restart it.
Yes, I agree with you, it's really annoying.
But that's what happened.
I reinstalled the driver, even my OS, but nothing changed.
However, everything is perfect once the program is running. . . kinda.
The stylus works very smoothly.
It feels great on the surface.
2048 stress points are obviously doing their job.
But I have a major problem with unstable performance (in my case).
Let me tell you what I mean.
The stylus seems to be far behind.
This made my experience completely unacceptable and unpleasant.
When the stylus randomly "leaks" the ink and there is a big spot on my artwork, there is another very annoying issue.
This happens in most drawing software, especially in Illustrator and Photoshop, which makes me think it might be a system problem.
For three years now-
The old laptop has 8 gb of RAM and I rarely use any other app when I scribble with my Huion H610, so I won't blame my hardware.
At the same time, I didn't blame the software because I wasn't sure it was the root of my problem.
This is just something to remember.
Apart from these notes, the tablet and its drivers work surprisingly well.
There is about a half centimeter reading room, and your stylus may not be exposed to the surface, but it will still register as a click.
PriceI wanted to finish my review by speaking to the elephant in the room.
The price is the only reason I originally thought about Huion H610 Pro.
I will choose Wacom at first, but Huion's features and prices are more attractive to me.
Despite all the negatives I mentioned, Huion did make amazing products.
Definitely one of the best companies in the industry!
The H610 Pro is there to fight with the Giants and make them sweat.
The fact is that in the same price range, this model has better features than the Wacom model.
Better yet, the H610 Pro is exactly the same as the Wacom Intuos, which is the closest competitor to its class.
Intuition, however, is twice as expensive, and it lacks function keys.
You count it!
Guys, you have it.
I'm sorry to burn you out!
I try to be fair and cruel and honest.
It's not easy to find the negatives that break the deal.
Huion H610 Pro is a very good tablet.
Half the Price of Wacom Intuos, depending on the changes you get, you get similar features, even better.
Not a few minor issues, overall, the performance was really smooth.
Unlike Wacom's products, you will get a very long USB cable. It's mini-USB, though.
This is a format in the past, but it does the job.
If you prefer more compact work, you also have a large drawing area with the option to limit it to smaller boundaries.
You can access 24 customizable buttons in total. That's insane!
If you have a budget or someone who has just started the art field, Huion H610 Pro is exactly what you need!
You can't find a better option for this price tag.
Get the H610 Pro and learn at half price on tablets that are closest to Wacom quality.
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