hunterdon county school elections tuesday - smart board sizes

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-19
hunterdon county school elections tuesday  -  smart board sizes
It was a feast or famine in Tuesday's school board election.
Municipalities like Clinton, Franklin and United Township have multiple candidates to vote on the local school board.
Then there is the Dutch township, where there is only one applicant with three seats on the board of primary schools;
No one is seeking the only seat on the Delaware Valley area high school board. Flemington-
There is only one candidate for Raritan for three positions.
There are three people in Tewksbury who want the job. -
And three of them who gave up their incumbents.
All in all, voters in nine cities are vying for the position of the school board of directors.
Boards across the country are looking for 90 members-
It might be written down-
Vote in many cases.
Voters will also be asked to vote in favor or against local property taxes to support their budgets.
Taxes show the most streamlined growth in years.
Voters across the county were asked to approve more than $0. 309 billion in taxes to support their schools.
This is just a 2.
Up 9% from $300.
The vote last year was 7 million.
County budget for central and northern Hunterton
Voorhees, showing 1 increase in taxes. 5% and 3.
3% respectively.
The increase in South hunteton was 2.
4%, but Delval's tax request is 7.
5% more than last year. Alexandria (K-8)
: Four candidates are competing for three seats on the school board.
Doug Linden and Sean Shapiro are current members of Douglas Walker
Frances Wood is vice president of financial services, and Frances Wood is the head of the school district.
Linda Adams has no objection to both.
Year not due.
Amount raised by local tax: $7,070,661 or $3.
1% more than that.
General operating budget: $8,961,716, an increase of less than 0. 1%.
Tax impact: the tax rate has increased to 92. Three cents from 90.
Seven cents, worth $100,000, or $16, per assessment.
Contract salary increase: 4 more teachers. 25%.
The assistant teacher and the secretary received four. 9% raises. Three-
Contract for the second year.
Education impact: kindergarten program will expand from half to halfFrom day to day.
The three noon bus routes before the cancellation will partially offset the cost impact. Bethlehem (K-8): Two three-
The terms of the year and one that has not expired have expired.
Fran Graham was appointed on January, and the chairman of the board, Peter Gallo, and Paul D'Angelo, applied for the full term of office.
Jason Molson, who was appointed in December, is the only applicant for the remaining two years of the term.
The amount raised by local tax: $7,276,186, an increase of 4% over that year.
Operating budget: $9,101,450, or 2.
4% more than that.
Tax impact: interest rate rises 5. 3 cents to $1.
Value assessed at $100 44.
Assessed contributions for each additional $100,000 were $53.
Contract: pending salary increase for 68 teachers who are drafting a contract that expires in July 2007.
There are 26 staff members on the budget, including the administration.
Facility items: buy 18 PCs for the PlayStation pock for $9,000 and buy the "smart motherboard" for Conley for $10,000 ".
Employment impact: a math teacher at the pompock school retired.
A special education teacher asked to give up halfway. time.
Education impact: Budget will be implemented 65-
The secondary school minute schedule and the first grade intensive class-5.
It continues to fund the mathematics initiative.
Math classes across the region cost $55,000.
Talk point: there is money to train teachers to adapt to the new school schedule.
The fourth grade students will be in the fifth grade at Conley school. Bloomsbury (K-8)
Cathy Fulin will play three games againyear term.
Robert Furnari applied for two copies. year term.
Amount raised by local tax: $1,526,773 or $1.
3% less than that.
Operating budget: $2,631,043, or 0.
45% more than that. Califon (K-8)
: Kelly Gargan and vice president of the Board of Directors
Kim Schundler applied for three-year terms.
The current Joanna mccles did not do so.
The amount raised by local tax: $1,935,427, an increase of 4% over that year.
Operating budget: $2,234,730 or 1% more than that of the year. Clinton (K-8)
: President Amanda dillenz and current Mary Kisch are the only candidates among the three candidatesyear terms.
Amount raised by local tax: $4,274,142 or $4.
6% more than that.
Operating budget: $6,975,528, or 2.
2% more than that.
Tax impact: tax rate increase 3.
It is worth $100 and 8 cents per assessment.
Contract: teacher in the first year of three yearsyear contract.
Facilities: $30,000 for roof replacement in 2010-11.
Employment Impact: Budget funding has been reduced by two teachers and is expected to be achieved through retirement.
Retired enrichment teachers will not be replaced. Full-
Time aide will release media experts to guide the enrichment project. Adds half-
Teacher and part time resource room
Time teaching assistant in Grade 34;
Child Study Group Assistant part-time.
Education impact: new textbook for Social Research in Grade 58.
Talking point: Glen Gardner's tuition fee is reduced by 14 people, meaning the loss is over $150,000.
L one less in the second grade, one less in the third or fourth grade.
After L minus three-
A $5 donation from each student's school club will no longer cover the cost of field trips. Clinton Twp. (K-8)
Five of the nine members of the board face elections.
Six candidates will compete for three. year terms.
Candidates include Rachel McLoughlin, Peter scapry, Alicia Lee, and current Donna Gregory, Grace Hoffey, and Frank "Jim" Ding, chairman of the Board of Directors
The current Roger Straight applied for a copy-
The current term of office of the LadyHoefig.
Jean shidel, who succeeded Andrew pecolo, applied for two.
Year not due.
Amount raised by local tax: $21,803,969 or $3.
32% more than that.
Operating budget: $24,879,914, or 3.
19% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate reaches 93.
The value of each $100 assessment is 6 cents, up from 92 cents. 5 cents.
Contract salary increase: about 250 teachers association members will receive 4.
Increased by 1% in the third year of three yearsyear contract.
Employment Impact: 1 special education teacher and 8 special education assistants are reduced in the budget;
Acting director Dennis FEFF said RIFs can be done without affecting education.
Reduction of 3 to 5 teaching positions;
Two assistant principals
Fyff named "basic" will be added.
There are currently no assistant principals at Huagu school and secondary school.
A full-time employee is hired under the budget
Time social worker.
Educational Impact: The budget will maintain the size of the class and continue to expand the use of classroom technology.
Talk point: the cost per student is $11,924, lower than the state's average of $13,539, the lowest area in the county to provide students with buses. Delaware Twp. (K-8)
: There are no competitions, but several board members have submitted applications to exchange seats.
Long term member Cathy Mumford
The term of office is over, but she seeksyear term.
Tom Brewer was appointed to the position in the fall and took part in three-year term.
Vice chairman of the committee Joe Pulkowski and Kathy Roethel seek re-election
Three choices. year terms.
The amount raised by local tax: $6,527,483, an increase of 4% over that year.
Operating budget: $7,807,906, or 2.
8% less than that year, as capital expenditure would be $316,086 less.
One project is to improve the drainage and grading of the stadium.
The current cost will increase. 7%.
Tax impact: the tax rate will rise to 81.
The value of each assessment is $100, 1 cent, up 3 cents.
The average $3,911 house tax will be $482,300, an increase of nearly $145.
Contract filling: 4 members of the Education Association are scheduled to receive.
Three years, the second year of salary increase 3%year contract.
Talking points: The school plans to start offering a comprehensive pre-school program in September, which will receive up to 15 taxonomists and other students.
Currently, it has three students in a pre-school disabled class.
It will charge tuition fees to preschool children who are not classified.
School budget amount-
The sponsored track and field program will increase by $9,095 to $65,665.
Delaware, USA (9-12)
: There are only three seats for current Sharon Kelly in Alexandria town.
Joe Struthers of Jack odaik and Kinwood township, the current Dutch township, did not seek re-electionelection.
Funds to be raised by local taxes: $12,659,722. This is 7.
52% more than that.
The tax rate, valued at $100 per assessment, rose from 55 cents in Alexandria to 59 cents, from 50 cents in France to 51 cents;
48 cents to 51 cents from a Dutch Township;
From 39 cents to 42 cents in Kingwood Town to 59 cents to 60 cents in Milford.
General operating budget: $17,258,757, or 0.
89%, more than that year.
Contract salary increase: the contract for teachers and support personnel will expire on June 30.
The annual contract is in progress.
Employment Impact: no new jobs.
A few teaching-
The assistant position will be canceled but not in the special education program.
The school's board of directors has hired a principal with an annual salary of $132,438 since June 1.
He is Douglas Sandford, assistant principal of Westfield High School.
Education impact: Geniusand-
Talented projects will be eliminated.
Superintendent Elizabeth nasters says such programs are often not visible in high school, and DelVal offers extra-curricular activities to help students develop talent.
The school will open a program for autistic students so they can stay in the area.
Students will be required to pay for field trips.
Field trips this year cost $7,500.
My spending on textbooks will increase from $100,640 this year to $74,831. East Amwell (K-8): Three three-
Annual terms will be decided.
Board members of Stephanie Ciarrocca and Jennifer Bausmith seek renewalelection.
Not Jim Hall, but Anne Kenyon has applied for a seat.
The amount raised by local tax: $6,106,122, an increase of 4% over that year.
Operating budget: $7,209,549, or 1.
8% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate reaches 79.
The value of each assessment is $100, 9 cents, an increase of 2.
Eight cents this year.
Contract salary increase: 44 teachers and 24 support staff are scheduled to receive a 4% salary increase in the third year of the three yearsyear contract.
Facilities: some fire alarm systems are planned to be upgraded.
This year, the service of paying debts to football fields has retired.
Employment Impact: An assistant retires and the board has not yet decided to replace (if any ).
The region will continue to share its superintendent and children's research team with Milford.
Educational Impact: New Social Research and spelling textbooks will be purchased. More tablet-
Computers of the size are being purchased for middle school classrooms.
The pre-school disability program is expanding and is expected to attract mainstream tuition students from villages and towns and out of the countryof-
District tuition students.
Talk Points: utilities costs are expected to be saved due to participation in gas and electricity cooperationop.
Reduced transportation costs;
The school has changed from a private supplier to a shared service at Hunterton Central High School.
A special education student will be taught in the District, all students will be placed under one roof, saving transportation and going outof-
District tuition fees. Flemington-Raritan (K-8): Three-
The annual seats held by Michael Bonieski, Carol Camerino and Valerie Robitzski from laritan Township are due. Only Mr.
Bonieski apply for re-registrationelection.
The amount raised by local tax: $42,610,823, an increase of 4% over that year.
General business budget: $51,325,187, or 2.
2% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate for the two cities is 93.
Six cents, $1, Fleming.
Ruitan Township 023
Contract: teachers should receive a 4.
4% growth, last in three-year contract.
All school administrators will be frozen for salary increases.
Education impact: no student program cuts.
Discussion points: the increase in expenditure is mainly due to wages and benefits, which are expected to increase by $865,053. Franklin (K-8)
Eight candidates seek three. year terms.
They are the vice chairman of the board, James Campbell, former board members James Fulan and Samuel Philip Duckworth, as well as new members Lawrence Wright, Susan Larson, Mark Portley
Dolores Wright, who has long been chairman of the board, is retiring.
Donna Cook, who has been in office since 2005, also declined to file.
The amount raised by the local tax: $4,934,245, the same as the year.
Operating budget: $5,614,760, or 1.
1% more than that.
Tax impact: there should be no overall net increase in tax rates.
Employment Impact: there are no new staff or projects, but some positions may be merged.
Educational Impact: class size will be maintained for all grades.
The budget is used to purchase new teaching materials, workbooks and teaching supplies.
All sports, extra-curricular and School
Day programs will be maintained.
Talking points: cooperative procurement of supply, energy, telephone, insurance, fuel oil and transportation helps to limit the growth of costs.
Interest income of approximately $125,000 will help reduce the collection of debt service taxes. Frenchtown (K-8)
: Laura barkton and Kate newkin are running for re-election
Three choices. year seats.
Craig Ekel is seeking two people to be elected. year seat.
Amount raised by local tax: $1,547,230 or $3.
5% more than that.
General operating budget: $2,437,347 or less.
Growth of 7% over that year.
Contract salary increase: the number of teachers in the third year of the contract will increase by 4. 5%.
Major facilities: Volunteers will build a new playground funded by PTA at the end of this week.
Employment Impact: The budget assumes that the contract for the services of Susan schafner, a shared business administrator with kalifeng, will continue.
Educational Impact: Although frencedown intends to accept tuition fees for Milford kindergarten, the agreement has not yet come into effect and tuition fees are not included in the budget.
Schools receive $72,000 in pre-school fees
K and kindergarten students in other communities. Glen Gardner (K-8)
Three people fighting for two or three. year terms.
They are now Edmund Hannon, Margaret. Meg)
Cox and Christie'sHall.
Bruce Michel son will not seek re-election.
The amount to be raised by the local tax: $1,516,233, $1.
5% less than last year.
Operating budget: $2,649,503, or 4.
2% less than last year.
Tax impact: $1 tax.
09 the valuation of $100 per assessment is 1.
Three cents less than that.
For a house valued at $182,385, this is about $25 a year, which is the average for the autonomous city.
Talk point: students are sent to the Clinton public area in the region, with a budget that mainly includes tuition and transportation fees.
Administrative costs were less than 2% per cent of the budget.
The number of admissions increased from 32 for special education students to 39, but from 132 for regular program students to 150. Hampton (K-8)
: Timothy Reeves, vice chairman of the board, and Gloria herabucci will compete for one or threeyear term.
The current Cheryl drozevski is the only candidate for both. year term.
The amount raised by local taxes: $1,710,788, 6% less than last year.
Tax impact: owner of $296,500 home-the average --
It will pay $3,412, $129 less than last year.
Operating budget: $2,851,744, or 3.
4% more than that.
Contract: teacher will approve a three
4 years contract provided.
The next budget has increased by 3% per cent.
Major facilities projects: a $3 million capital project started last year will be completed this summer, including a new science lab, as well as boilers, windows and roofs that are expected to reduce energy costs.
Talk point: Business Administrator Robert Sulvinski says most of the budget has increased due to the cost of wages and benefits. High Bridge (K-8)
: Six of the nine board seats will be contested.
Five people, one of four. year terms.
These adviser Valerie in Jordan chairman of the board beam and Kay Denise daughter-in-law
William Stover and Karen Yasan are also seeking elections. Jones.
The current Susan Conner and Massa cretley have applied for two copies
Year not due.
The amount raised by local tax: $4,821,192, an increase of 4% over that year.
Operating budget: $6,584,449, or 0.
85% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate is $1. 405, increased from $1.
334, an assessment value of $100, or an increase of $71 per assessment value of $100,000.
Contract salary increase: Teacher's second year in three yearsyear contract.
Education impact: The third part will be added to the school
Day kindergarten meeting, expanding the class of behavioral barriers, and adding an inclusive pre-school class.
Talk point: The budget includes an increase of $114,000 for health benefits. Holland (K-8): Three three-
Seats have increased this year.
John McDowell is running again, but neither the current Walter Campbell nor David poser have.
Amount raised by local tax: $7,910,653 or $5.
8% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate will increase by 5 per assessment of $100. 4 cents to $1.
058, including principal and interest payments.
Taxes on homes valued at $300,000 will increase by $163.
General business budget: $9,949,334, or 2.
4% more than that.
Contract salary increase: 4.
Teacher salaries increased by 3% in the last year of the third yearyear contract.
Employment Impact: maintenance programs and faculty and staff.
Will hire a quota of extra teachers for special pre-education
The kindergarten program stipulated by the state.
As part of an early intervention strategy, a basic skills teacher will be added.
Educational Impact: New Spanish textbooks and materials will be purchased according to the textbook change schedule.
Hampton center HS (9-12)
: Alex Jeyschune, the incumbent of Delaware Township, Anthony Serra of Redding Township, and Philip Hershbine of Fleming, none of whom objectedyear terms.
Amount raised by local tax: $48,379,741 or $1.
5% more than that.
Operating budget: $59,434,205, or 0.
1% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate of villages and towns in Delaware decreased by 1.
4 cents per $100;
Interest rates in donganwell rose by 3. 4 cents.
Interest rates in Fleming fell by 1.
5 cents, the interest rate hike in Larry Tan Township 3.
Prices in AndReadington town rose 2 cents. 3 cents.
Contract salary increase: The Teacher Association is scheduled to receive 4.
Three-year growth of 4%year contract.
Main Facilities: $1 will be used by the school.
0. 393 billion of state funding is allocated for capital improvement projects such as window replacement.
Employment Impact: 6 staff posts reduced;
Freeze the salaries of senior managers.
Educational Impact: maintain teaching, after-school and sports programs.
Talk point: create programs to reduce going outof-
Area tuition and transportation.
For the third consecutive year, the department budget remained unchanged. Kingwood (K-8)
Current Mary Allen Pilch and newcomers Joseph DePinto, Anthony Raker, and Eric Schell will play in three gamesyear seats.
Current presidents Lawrence catheio and Traci PeterPaul did not seek a newelection.
Amount raised by local tax: $5,065,985 or $2.
5% more than that.
General business budget: $6,608,298, or 1.
7% more than that.
Tax impact: for households with an average assessment value of $432,340, the increase was $58, or $1. 8%.
Contract impact: teachers will receive a salary increase of just over 4%.
Main Facilities: none.
Educational Impact: Spanish teaching materials and materials will be replaced.
Due to the decrease in the number of students enrolled in special needs, two special education employees, one teacher and teacher assistant, will be reduced. A half-
At that time, the comprehensive pre-school education project will be officially launched.
The cost of health benefits has been reduced through negotiations. Lambertville (K-6)
Four residents applied for four seats.
Incumbent Grant Miller and Derek Rosman seek three
Spent a year with John wozniki.
Craig woris is trying to finish his appointment this year.
The amount raised by local tax: $2,880,743, an increase of 6% over that year.
Operating budget: $3,189,785, or 6.
35% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate will rise by 1.
7 cents to 38 cents per $100. 9 cents.
This means an additional $81 tax on homes with an average of $371,729.
Contract salary increase: The Education Association is scheduled to receive 4.
Three years, the second year of salary increase 4%year contract.
The city will pay less than 10%, down to 40%, the salary shared by director Todd Fei with West Anwell.
Facilities Project: accessible bathroom for pre-school education program for disabled persons, one of the services provided jointly with West Amwell to provide services for teaching staff.
Employment Impact: Add one-day-a-
Spanish teacher Zhou
Educational Impact: new math textbooks for all grades.
New computers and smart boards.
To meet world language requirements, Spanish is taught one day a week.
Upgrade your computer for $54,354.
Talk point: there will be no salary increase for school supervisors, business administrators and principals, and management costs will drop by $19,000.
Daily breakfast is not available in the area;
The cost of transporting four special education students out of the region is expected to be $156,000.
There are many shared services in the area with the surrounding areas, including purchasing supplies, Spanish teachers, administration, curriculum, teacher training and children's learning team services. Lebanon (K-6)
The incumbent Mark Stockwell and Christine Burton have no objection. year terms.
The amount raised by the local tax: $2,115,684, the same as the year.
Tax impact: the tax rate is 70 cents per $100, the same as in the year.
Operating budget: $2,338,390, or 1.
7% less than that.
Contract: teacher in the last year of three yearsyear contract.
Talking point: the total budget is $101,413 less than that year. Lebanon Twp. (K-8)
The current president, jochit stemark, vice president, Kelly Weiler, and John rokolonia, have no objection. year terms.
Amount raised by local tax: $10,453,000 or $3.
4% more than that.
Operating budget: $13,670,268, or 4.
4% more than that.
Tax impact: $300,000 in property will pay about $120 more than this year.
Contract: in the third year of three years, teachers and support staff will receive a 4% salary increaseyear contract.
Facilities: Valley View School to save energy by replacing windows.
Laying works in two schools.
All services and items are retained.
Talk point: the class size will remain the same, and the additional part of the large secondary enrollment will remain the same.
Add a cross-school team of multinational homes and replace the technology according to the regional plan. Milford (K-8)
The current Agnes Szwec seeks a newelection.
Amount raised by local tax: $1,656,721 or $3.
9% more than that.
General business budget: $2,061,081, or 1.
4% less than that.
It is estimated that the number of students enrolled is 115, including about 21 students who need state funding
Legal special education services will cost about $583,000.
Schools will receive only $61,000 in state aid for special education. Tax impact;
Homes with an average evaluation value of $239,269 will pay $278.
49 more each year.
Contract salary increase: The board recently developed a teacher contract covering the current year and the next three years.
An average increase of 3. 9%.
The negotiations saved money for the health care program.
Teachers who do not have tenure and new employees will be covered in the following
Expensive State NJ15 program
The teachers got a health plan.
Out function, payment is provided if they accept insurance from their spouse's plan.
Facilities Project: The school will start the electrical upgrade and installation of the roof of the new gymnasium.
After the failure of the three plebiscites, the state approved a call from the school's board of directors to request a security deposit of $800,000 for the program.
Employment Impact: Half of Milford
The kindergarten project will become a complete
Seven Milford students will be tuition students in French town Primary School.
After the reorganization, Milford's staff will be reduced by one due to changes.
North Hunterton/warrishs (9-12)
: Three of the four in-service personnel applied for threeyear terms.
They are Gary pebodi in the Takahashi/Lebanese township, Beverly Thorne in the Clinton Township/Lebanese district, and Monica Gondek in the Union Township.
Nicholas Nacamuli proposed there/Califon district.
Current Duncan Crannell won't run again.
Amount raised by local tax: $45,170,185 or $3.
Growth of 3% over that year.
Operating budget: $56,691,551, or 1.
8% more than that.
Tax impact: the rates of Bethlehem and kafeng fell by less than 100, down about 1.
3 cents and 3 cents in Takahashi and Lebanon.
Franklin is 3 cents.
The growth rate in seven cities is less than 1 cent (Lebanon Twp. ), 2-
3 points (
Town and township of Tewksbury and Clinton), 3.
Glen Gardner is 8 cents, 5 cents for the Federation, and 7 cents for the Hamptons.
Contract salary increase: 371 members of the Education Association plan to receive 4.
Three years, the second year of salary increase 3%year contract.
Facilities: new roof of North Gymnasium, $200,000;
Replacement of boilers in the north and Voorhees;
Security upgrade, $105,000;
Replace network computer switches and servers throughout the region for $217,600;
Emergency generator
$75,000 in woris;
PA system for Voorhees, $50,000;
Building a sidewalk in the North, $30,000.
Employment Impact: four none
Teaching jobs were reduced, saving about $130,000.
Educational Impact: The cost of textbooks decreased by 38% to about $85,000 (
Replacement of some classes will be delayed by one year).
Operating expenses fell nearly $98,000.
LPolicy change canceled the benefits of 12 cafes and two bus drivers, saving about $145,000. lSummer 4-
Work one day a week to save electricity.
The cost of lHealth benefits fell by about $650,000 due to changes in the national health plan. Readington (K-8): Three three-
Annual terms will be decided.
Joan noriman and Annette Marsh, vice president of the board, filed a re-application
A seat will also be sought. D.
Dennis Kenny did not file.
Amount raised by local tax: the region's operating budget of $28,038,539 is $47,057, or 0.
2%, lower than that of the year.
Operating budget: $32,477,327, $539,511, up 2% from that year.
Tax impact: an increase in the tax rate of 2 cents means that the owner of the township's average $392,400 home will pay an extra $78 next year.
Contract salary increase: teachers will receive a 4% salary increase in the past yearyear contract.
Facility items: the purchase of a new telephone system was delayed to at least 2010-2011.
The budget uses surplus to repay the remaining debts of last year's capital projects.
Talk point: Plans to replace two buses for $176,000.
LAnticipates increased energy by 7% and medical costs by 15%.
LSuperintendent Jorden Schiff agreed to freeze wages and reduce administrative travel.
The LMore shared service relies on county ESC.
HS, Southington (7-12)
: Serving personnel seeking re-election
Election of four seatsThree-
Board chairman Bob Campbell and Laurie Weinstein seek an annual term in Lamberville, seeking Boyd hatspence in the town of Vail, Xi 'an.
Tom Hendricks, who was appointed as a representative of Stockton, applied to complete the year.
Funds raised by local taxes: $8,037,111, an increase of 3% over this year.
Operating budget: $8,865,749, or 2.
5% less than that.
Tax impact: in the West, Amwell collects taxes, including paying back the recently completed $20 debt.
The 8 million expansion and renovation, compared to the average house price last year, the average estimated $2,659 house will increase by $45 to $456,700, with a tax rate of 58.
23 cents per $100.
In Lamberville, Bill 68 will add $, $2,447, an average of $371,729, to the hospital at a rate of 65. 84 cents.
At Stockton, homes with an average of $1,439 will increase by $94 to $322,466, according to the rate of 44. 63 cents.
The Education Association is negotiating a new contract;
Members received 4 this year. 3% raises.
Bus drivers and school administrators will give up pay increases next year.
Facilities: $20 for school completion.
8 million expansion and renovation last year.
Education impact: it is expected that there will be about 90 special education students in the fall, an increase of 12.
This means that about 26% of the students in the school are classified, increasing the cost of going out. of-
Area tuition is $851,761
$818,582 regional guidance and $332,857 Children's Research Group.
Talk point: despite the addition of a high school boys football team, sports spending will drop from $319,731 to $377,926.
The budget for out-of-class activities and clubs will be reduced from $55,112 to $112,417, as the expenditure on consultant salaries will be readjusted to meet the needs of students.
The school is exploring K-
12 regional, sharing transportation and other services with other regions.
The operating and maintenance costs for the expansion of the building increased by nearly $50,000 to $761,170. Stockton (K-6)
Two residents opposed three. year terms.
They are Jim Gallagher, vice president of the board, and Atiera Abatemarco Ransavage.
David Shearer is not seeking re-election.
Amount raised by local tax: $617,954 or $4.
2% more than that.
Operating budget: $675,864, or 5.
7% more than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate will rise by 3. 8 cents to 63.
The value is assessed at 5 cents per $100, or $123, with an average of 2,048 homes per $322,466.
Contract salary increase: Members of the Education Association receive 4.
Increased by 5% in the third year of three yearsyear contract.
Facilities: external repair completed last year;
Start paying $21,145 in the next budget.
Talk point: part
Time and contract employees, including school secretaries, guardians and special employees, did not receive health benefits
Subject teacher.
The school shares multiple services with surrounding areas and is exploring K-
12 regional.
The school is budget $13,000 for off-campusof-
District tuition, as school tuition for children with special needs is expected to cost about $97,000, including summer programs.
Instead of asking the child's parents to do so, they provide their own means of transport. Tewksbury (K-8)
The newcomers, Debbie Senas, Kelly brekwood and Sonia Thorpe, have no objection. year terms.
Patricia Gavornik Patrice Marturana David Tonnesen is not re-electedelection.
Robert dillerman, who was appointed in December to fill the seat left by Michael Miller's resignation, was the only --
Year not due.
The amount of local tax increase: $10,954,973, or 0.
27% more than that.
Operating budget: $12,339,825, about 3.
5% less than that.
Tax impact: the tax rate is 86.
The value of the property at $100 is 87 cents, an increase of about $42 for the owner of a house with an average value of about $500,000.
Contract salary increase: 4 teachers and support staff are planned.
Three years total salary increase of 125%year contract.
Facility projects: the fall referendum will require funding for roof works, new boilers and other projects.
The region has been allowed to allocate 40% of its costs.
Employment Impact: one and one-
Half the position will be eliminated.
Several special education classroom assistants will work fromto part-
Will not get the benefits of health.
The district agreed to appoint a chief school administrator as the principal of secondary school construction, thus reducing administration.
Educational impact: a new program will allow several registered childrenof-
The District Special Education program returned to the district, saving nearly $200,000.
The schedule of the kindergarten will remain unchanged.
The board has talked about shortening the student's study time, but many parents have objected. Union Twp. (K-8)
Five people will compete for three.
Annual terms on the ballot paper.
The candidates are Kevin Guo, Jennifer Siegel, and current Senator Karen venski.
Page Stig and Vincent diroboto, who were appointed in January.
Amount raised by local tax: $8,187,711 or $4.
8% more than that.
Operating budget: $9,253,223, or 4.
25% more than that. West Amwell (K-8): Three three-
Cindy Magil, chairman of the board, current Peter Gasparro and former board member John Dupuis seek an annual term of office.
Chris Castellano is not seeking re-election.
Teresa Romano, who has been appointed to an unexpired term, will complete the remaining year.
The amount raised by local tax: $3,528,222, an increase of 4% over that year.
Operating budget: $4,117,224, or 7.
2% more than that.
Tax impact: the equilibrium tax rate will rise by 2 cents to 67 cents.
It is worth $100 and 4 cents per assessment.
The impact on the average assessed housing of $456,700 will increase by $91 to $3,078.
Contract salary increase: New contract negotiations will begin on July 1;
Members of the Education Association receive 4. 3% this year.
Supervisors, business administrators and principals will not get a raise next year.
Facilities Project: $180,000 already saved will be used for four projects: roof replacement in some schools in 1957;
The first of three.
Installation School-
There are many lockers in the corridor;
Replace the business office trailer and install the double
Wide trailer for art and music classrooms;
And began to change the playground to comply with the regulations.
Employment Impact: an additional $70,000, with a total budget of $130,000, for special education for staff members
School program at Lambert Ville school.
Lambertville provides space for shared services that are being extended.
West Amwell will receive an additional £ 10% from the director's salary, a total of £ 60%, which is also a service shared with Lambertville.
These zones separate a business administrator.
Educational Impact: use technology more in the classroom.
Key points of the conversation: the area shares Transportation, material procurement, special services and other services with surrounding areas.
Team of subject teachers, administration, curriculum, teacher training and children's learning.
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