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hurley house hotel, berkshire - review - smart furniture

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-23
hurley house hotel, berkshire - review  -  smart furniture
Well-designed rooms and Michelin restaurants
Hurley House Hotel is a star chef in the kitchen and is an ideal boutique resort. . . Where is it?
In the Berkshire countryside near Marlow and Henry Village.
It takes about 30 minutes from Paddington to the nearby meidenhead station, ideal for dinner and overnight stays.
What is the story? This 10-
Bedroom boutique hotel is the love Labor of Bassam Shlewet, founder and former chairman of TTT Moneycorp Group.
After selling his financial empire, the entrepreneur decided to start a hotel project that meets luxury standards in food, beverage and interior design.
Design details: The Hurley House Hotel was built from scratch on the old site of the 18th-century bar.
The Spratly studio is the architect behind this beautiful cobblestone building, which is cleverly integrated with the surrounding environment, while interior designer Xia Williams is responsible for this style.
There is no cost for the exquisite furniture, and the decoration is impressive.
Leather, granite, limestone and oak materials combine with white on the far & Ball Cornforth and white on the ceiling and gray or strong white on the manor.
Super comfortable sleep bed in each bedroom, silky
Feel 1000 thread linen and 800 GSM towels from soaking and sleep.
The sink is La Chapelle, independent bathtub with smart furniture from I & JL Brown.
The stone floor that runs through the entire property is the hard house limestone of deviz craftsmen.
From modern brass chandeliers to delicate lamps, the lighting is carefully considered. Which room?
The 10 rooms are perfectly decorated.
We loved the six bedroom apartment and felt like a luxury apartment wrapped in wooden beams.
Clever use of the space will not waste any corner.
The corridor and tea and coffee area offers snacks and wine, with a comfortable window seat and ample storage space.
The bathroom is spacious with a separate bathtub and a power shower.
This is a charming space, rustic and elegant.
Menu: When we popped in on Saturday night, the bars and restaurants on the first floor were buzzing. Michelin-
The star chef, Michael Chapman, was the helm of the Royal Oak team at Pelley Street near medenhead.
He is looking locally.
Ingredients are sourced from Berkshire's producers and farmers, while fish and seafood are shipped directly from Brixham ships every day.
Try chicken liver parfait or blow it-
The Mackerel fish is about to start burning.
Stone bass slices or Hereford beef slices made with Jacob's ladder are great entrees.
Leave room for bitter chocolate mousse with pistachio sponge and pistachio ice cream.
There are a variety of wines to choose from for different tastes and occasions from independent vineyards and classic favorites.
For a bold choice, indulge in a bottle of California chardonnay.
Best for: Escape from the city on weekends, first class dinner, first class service, beautiful rooms.
How to get there: there is a direct train from Paddington, London to medden head station.
How to book: call 01628 568 500 or visit hurleyhouse. co. uk.
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