hydro one makes pitch for pre-paid electricity meters - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-24
hydro one makes pitch for pre-paid electricity meters  -  what is a smart board
If it is possible to integrate something more painful, angry and insulting than salt into the collective trauma represented by the chaos that the Liberal government has caused to the province's energy policy, it must be.
Hydro One is looking to install "pre-
Paying "meters" across Ontario forces consumers-especially those who are struggling to pay for electricity bills-to pay in advance before utilities turn on juice for heating and lighting.
Pre-of Hydro One-not coin slot
The paid meter will replace some of the existing smart meters and can be "recharged" through the smartphone app or online at the corner store, "according to the utility allocation rate application received by the Ontario Energy Commission.
Those who cannot pay a fixed-income pension in advance; low-
Income households or new Canadians trying to maintain a balance of payments;
Those who barely get social assistance-will be effectively cut off and will inevitably become one of the potential targets of the new "collection enhancement" program revealed by New Democratic Party MPP Peter tabun on Wednesday.
"No matter where
"Payment instruments have been used and they hurt struggling families," Tabuns said in the legislature . " And urged the government to "banpayment meters.
"At the same time, on page 2,038 of the allocation rate application received by the Ontario Energy Commission, hydro One believes that, more and more "overdue accounts have brought financial risks to the sale of provincial transmission and distribution utility Catherine Wayne to private interest companies ".
"For customers with high collection risk, the introduction of this meter will minimize financial risk," says Hydro One . ". “With a pre-
Paid electricity meter paid-front. Once the pre-
The amount paid is used up, power off-
Until the customer can load the meter with more points.
Tabun pointed out pre-
Paid electricity meters have the potential to bypass the free government's protection of vulnerable energy consumers Act, which prevents utilities from cutting off electricity in the winter and by 2015 some 60,000 households in Ontario were passed by cold backwardness.
Energy Minister Glenn tibeott makes little sense about this, just noting that OEB is reviewing and has to approve the application.
However, Nancy Clark, a spokesman for Hydro, said: "In the winter, no residential customers will be powered off, regardless of which meter they will choose in the future . ".
In a statement to The Sun, Clark said: "As a leading provider of power services, we have studied best practices in many different jurisdictions and countries . ".
"This is just one of the many options we are exploring to provide our customers with more options on how to manage their power accounts.
"At the same time, when you waste billions of dollars on false rate cuts, this should be very obvious, paying too much for unwanted" clean "energy, and mis-manage the energy infrastructure so that the Ontario enjoy the highest electricity bill in the country that pays for the Sky
High electricity bills are an increasing burden for many people.
It is also clear that the cost of playing water meters is not the answer to this question.
Jawallace @ postmedia.
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