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i-read ks2. - interactive whiteboard lessons

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-12
i-read ks2.  -  interactive whiteboard lessons
Read KS2 edit pie Cambridge University
Hitachi 2005 CD groups per year: 260. 00 [Pound)
Group selection every year: 50 copies. 00 [Pound)[
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
This is a plan edited by Pie Corbett to support reading direct teaching (including on-screen reading)
Improve the reading skills and strategies of the whole class through a series of interactive whiteboard courses.
It also develops speaking, listening and reading into writing.
Its goal is associated with the framework for the restart of 5-5 in Scotland
Guidelines and development routes for Northern Ireland.
For each year's group, there are 6x10 lessons for 75 days for both fiction and non-fiction, and 3x5 lessons for poetry.
All the requirements for teaching are included on the CD-ROM, although there are also colorful and attractive text books.
These discs contain instructions on their use, an overview of the whole plan, all the texts used, detailed teacher notes and lesson plans, and worksheets, all of which can be printed out.
Good interactive whiteboard meeting-
Production, appropriate-
Size blocks for readable text, clickable audio, simple animations, movie clips, glossary, and appropriate questions related to text.
For each topic, there is a start session to set the context, and in each session there are activities related to key teaching points and presentations followed by similar shared activities.
Although this program is fully available on both computers and non-computers
Interactive screens encourage the full use of the interactivity of whiteboards with notepad and pens, highlighters, and hidden and display tools, all of which children like to use.
I have only a few small complaints.
Why not call the cabal?
Not me-read'?
It would help to put the title of the topic on the session page, not just "Session 1", etc.
But overall, I really enjoyed the plan.
These texts are of good quality, and a series of different and expressive readings of music, sound effects, video clips, especially text and poetry, have further aroused interest ---
Including good expression, dramatic verses, pleasant dialect rendering and singing.
These activities are both useful and challenging.
This plan is not designed to be attended by all the years. each group of meetings is attended by itself.
Included and easy access to any English program-
In my opinion, than the whole-
Around the plan. Trialling i-
Read with a group of capable children who are very familiar with interactive whiteboards, which are a normal part of their day --to-
I got a very positive and inappropriate response in my experience of walking to school: "It's good. It was fun. ' I agree--
Reading, speaking, listening and writing have also been well developed.
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