icse, isc exam evaluations to go digital for accurate results - digital pen and pad-ITATOUCH-img

icse, isc exam evaluations to go digital for accurate results - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
icse, isc exam evaluations to go digital for accurate results  -  digital pen and pad
In order to more accurately organize and publish ICSE and ISC results, the Indian School Certificate Examination Board will introduce the examiner to a technology based on digital pens and tablets to evaluate the answer script from next year.
"The council plans to introduce real-time ink character recognition (LICR)
"Solution Technology is evaluating the examiner's answer script," chief executive and secretary CISCE Gerry bharathon said here today . ".
"LICR is a technology that contains re-
"The Examiner uses dedicated digital pens and tablets to evaluate answer scripts and help publish results in a shorter period of time," he said . ".
The technology will be accurate and will reduce the request for re-inspection.
The plan was launched on 2016.
While the examiner will use the normal pen to evaluate the answer script, they will use the LICR pen to fill in the slot at the top of the answer script that contains the summary of the score obtained.
He said they would be asked to write down the personal scores obtained for each issue and the total.
The examiner will then verify the input by clicking the check mark on the tab.
He explained that the LICR would then scan the entire top-level table and send it to the council's system.
He said that once a tick mark is clicked through cloud computing, the score for each question and the total score obtained by the student will be stored in the Council's cloud computing system.
The council has successfully piloted the system last year.
The committee is also interested in introducing video
Heads of schools and other educational institutions will meet regularly soon.
"We did a video trial run --
The February meeting was very successful.
This will be done regularly and in a short period of time between school heads and will help them understand their problems, "added bharathoon.
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