idf shooters get smart gun sight to increase accuracy - smart-ITATOUCH-img

idf shooters get 'smart' gun sight to increase accuracy - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-18
idf shooters get \'smart\' gun sight to increase accuracy  -  smart
IDF infantry units will receive a revolutionary "smart" gun line of sight to help the shooter find the target more accurately.
The new product, Dagger, was developed to help the IDF improve their gun laws and enable them to hit mobile targets with precision.
It allows soldiers to hit targets in the first shot, regardless of their skill as a shooter, and reduces the chances of innocent civilians being hit.
Dagger is one of the most advanced guns in the world, it has an electronic device
An optical system and processor used to calculate the distance of the target and its motion, the movement of the shooter, and the trajectory of the ammunition and rifle.
It then processes all the information in order to select the best shooting moment.
Spend tens of millions of shekel's attractions following the target, and "know" the right time to pull the trigger with the help of algorithms and advanced image processing systems.
These weapons were produced by the IDF authority for the development of weapons and technical infrastructure (
Hebrew initials acronym words Maf'at)and the Smart-
Kibbutz Yagur's shooting company.
The Ministry of Defense has ordered the first batch of 2,000 cannon eyes.
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