if he was smart, he wouldve put his name on it: trump criticizes george washington about mount verno

'if he was smart, he would've put his name on it': trump criticizes george washington about mount vernon's name - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
\'if he was smart, he would\'ve put his name on it\': trump criticizes george washington about mount vernon\'s name  -  smart
Politico reported on Wednesday that President Donald Trump had no impression of his visit to the first commander-in-chief last year, and that French President Mark Long and their wife's visit to Mount Vernon was "very strange ".
"If he is smart, he will write his own name on it," Trump said, according to reports . ".
"You have to write your name on something or no one will remember you.
"About whether anyone remembers George Washington, The Washington Post based in the capital Washington (
Not Washington state)
In the vicinity of George Washington University, readers will mention the fact that Washington, in almost every "best president" vote held in 2018, including the most recent vote, both in the first or second Siena Academy
If you want to know, Trump is 42 out of 45 commander-in-chief.
So why is Washington's magnificent sprawling estate on the Potomac River called Mount Vernon instead of George Washington Square or George Washington International.
He's George's half-year-old commander.
The Lawrence Washington brothers who fought in the conflict between England and Spain in the West Indian called the Jenkins Ear battle. (
Yes, that's the real name for it, but Jenkins and his ears are the story of another day.
All I know is that the rumors that show their ears in front of Parliament are fake. )
Lawrence inherited a small house and surrounding land from his and George's father, who died around George at the age of 10 and Lawrence at the age of 25.
Vernon has the unique character of a British officer in dealing with colonial soldiers;
Thus Lawrence named the property after him, formerly known as the Little Hunting Creek.
Lawrence became the acting father of young George, and the happiest childhood memories of the future president happened when he often went to Mount Vernon.
Unfortunately, Lawrence was infected with tuberculosis in the West India, and 10 years later, when George was a teenager, tuberculosis killed him.
Lawrence left Mount Vernon with his daughter after his death.
But, as was common in colonial times, she died two years later, and the deed was handed over to Lawrence's widow, who had remarried at that time.
Instead of living in Mount Vernon, she rented it to George.
Then, at 1761, she died.
There was no other heir except George, and he began to transform the house into a 21-year-old
Guest room mansion for decades.
According to the website of Mount Vernon, "Washington personally supervises every renovation;
Advise on design, construction and decoration, even during the Revolutionary War.
"So why didn't George Washington change the name? It's not clear, but it may reflect Washington's lifelong reverence for his brother.
Washington still hangs a portrait of Lawrence in the study at Mount Vernon, and if Trump is not "not interested" in private travel, he may notice that.
Politico says Macrons know more about the historic building, so they may already know some other fascinating details of Mount Vernon, such as the gift of Lafayette temaques hanging in the lobby
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