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imagine, there are no wires... - drawing pad for laptop

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-21
imagine, there are no wires...  -  drawing pad for laptop
Imagine life in the future like Jetsons or Futurama
There are robots, talking gadgets, transport pods and glass domes.
Or the planet that computers and robots take over.
It looks great, but surprisingly, many of the technologies that will be the mainstay of our home and office have been invented.
Here are some of them.
Silver is the gold standard for nanoscience. Its anti-
People are using the properties of microorganisms to make clothes.
But if you think life will be space in the future
Age and silver, think about it.
In most cases, clothes with silver nanoparticles will look like ordinary clothes. UK-
For example, AgActive-based products include towels, sheets and even socks using silver nano
Dust on sweaty clothes to fight against bacteria.
These particles are ionised in wet conditions to kill bacteria and fungi. Bye-
Goodbye to smelly socks and feet.
Will the laundry basket be the past? Likely.
Interestingly, scientists are also working on a variety of lotions and coatings containing bacteria --
Silver Na.
As a result, almost every surface of your home, such as kitchen counters, walls, desktops, and even bathroom sinks and merchandise, can be painted with silver nano
Particles that make them resistant to bacteria.
Companies like Samsung and LG have already used the technology in their products, including air-
A conditioner that promises to kill bacteria.
American multi-function Wall
Pixel-based companies have a software development kit that enables developers to introduce multiple
Touch capabilities for existing applications.
On 2008, CNN widely used the technology during the US presidential primary election.
The wall displays a wide variety of election data, including photos, videos, Google Earth maps, websites and charts.
Now imagine this little thing in your home, one day, a powerful touch
The screen curtain wall can be a vivid tool for displaying TV programs, computer games and even children's graffiti.
Your kitchen table may suddenly light up and use a calculator to tidy up grocery bills and even a virtual board game that the whole family can play --
Wireless transmission from the home's master server.
The power of footsteps comes from the power of unconventional sources. Five years ago, Professor Wang Zhonglin of Georgia Institute of Technology showed nanotechnology.
Generator Technology.
It can capture energy from irregular mechanical movements, such as vibration of vocal cords and tapping of fingers.
Since then, the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.
Researchers have built prototypes of mobile phone chargers that take advantage of the kinetic energy generated by hiking and devices that provide energy to gadgets such as personal media players.
On 2009, the Tokyo Station installed a floor to generate electricity under the pressure of pedestrian walkways.
It has been installed by East Japan Railway Corporation, Tokyo Keio University and the new Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, a public research institution.
Similar floors are called POWERleap by 23-year-
Old Elizabeth Redmond of the University of Michigan uses UK-patented Pavegen technologybased company.
Do you remember the video Michael Jackson made for Billy Jean?
Remember the way they lit up when he stepped on individual floor tiles?
Pavegen is similar.
Whenever someone steps on a tablet, it presses down a few millimeters and converts kinetic energy into electric energy.
Imagine this technique in the child's room.
The more the little rapscallion jumps, the more power he generates.
You can also ask him to invite his friends over.
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted wireless power supply in 2006 (MIT)
A method is designed to transmit power to the equipment without using wires.
It is called Witricity and consists of transmitters and receivers, both of which must be within the range of each other.
The number of students at MIT is 60-
The watt bulbs work at 40% efficiency from the power supply about 7 feet away, although they are not physically connected.
Gadgets equipped with the Witricity receiver can be automatically charged without plugging in the power supply.
Imagine never having to add another plug point to the wall.
Phones, media players, computers and other portable electronics equipped with receivers will be able to get power from a single transmitter in your home.
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