in-depth wiimote whiteboard how-to - mobile interactive whiteboard

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in-depth wiimote whiteboard how-to  -  mobile interactive whiteboard
This structure is an in-
An in-depth step-by-step process on how to create a Wii Remote interactive whiteboard, named "Wiimote whiteboard ".
"It will go through the supplies you need to complete the Wiimote whiteboard, the free programs you need to download, how to build and red pen, how to connect Wiimote to computers and programs, where to put Wiimote, for use with Wiimote whiteboards, how to calibrate the system, and suggestions for using the system.
First of all, you need some supplies. -
Wii Remote with batteryInfrared LED-
Instant switch-
Wire for circuit
A AAA battery
A AAA battery stand-
Large highlighter
Electrical tape-
Computer with Monitor-Wire cutter-
USB Bluetooth connector (
Unless it's already built.
On your computer)-Exacto-Knife-
* Needle and nose pliers-*Tri-pod-*Projector (
And a surface for Projection)-*Rubber Bands-*Pre-
Red Pen-
* Electrical know how-
* Persistence * = you need to download optional material for one or two programs from the Internet.
First, download the actual Wiimote whiteboard program.
The only thing I can find for macs is the one from uweschmidt. org.
For computers that operate on Windows, you have some options.
You can download one from uweschmidt.
Net, or original software by Johnny Zhong Lee in John Nili.
Net/project/wii /.
There you have to scroll down to lowCost Multi-
Use Wiimote to point to the interactive whiteboard and click on the Wiimote whiteboard v0. 3.
Linux users can download the software at uweschmidt. org (again)or at code. google. com/p/linux-whiteboard/.
Second, if you are using a Bluetooth connector that has not yet provided the software, you will need to download Bluesoleil.
Bluetooth should be built into most Macs
So Bluesoleil should be unnecessary.
Windows users should access bluesoleil.
Com/download/index. asp?
Topic = bluesole5x and download the software.
If you are using Linux, you should access bluesoleil.
Com/download/index. asp?
Then download the appropriate file.
Now the technical part, build the red pen.
Remove the highlighter, remove the bottom cover and pull out the inside to take it apart.
You should have only the highlighter case left and it will be used as the main body of the red outpen.
Take the highlighter case and cut half vertically with Exactoknife.
In order to completely separate the housing, you will need to do two cuts.
Put it aside and recreate the schematic (below)
With your supplies.
Remember the anode and cathode of the ir led, the correct battery end, the correct instantaneous switch label, and the short length of the entire circuit.
After completion, place the circuit in the pen body and mark the cutting position of the instant switch. Use an Exacto-
A knife that cuts out the point of an instant switch.
Next, tie the circuit to the highlighter case and make sure that the ir led sticks out from the top of the pen.
Tape the second half of the pen body to the pen body and the rest of the circuit, and complete the shape of the highlighter in the process.
Test the red pen in front of the camera.
When the instant switch is activated, the infrared LED should emit a very light blue light, but not visible to the naked eye.
If the red outer pen does not work, troubleshoot the circuit as the problem is likely to be there.
You can also buy a pre-if you like-
IR pen made on Ebay, connect Wiimote to your computer from up or up.
For Windows and Linux, if your computer has been built-
In Bluetooth, if your computer is not built in, your computer should have a simple prompt
In Bluetooth, insert the USB Bluetooth driver.
Find and open Bluesoleil.
At the same time, pressing the buttons 1 and 2, 4 blue lights on Wiimote should flash.
In Bluesoleil, click on the orange circle.
Note: The lights of Wiimote must flash, if not, please press and hold the buttons 1 and 2 on Wiimote again.
Double-click the icon of the device when it pops up.
Right-click the Wiimote icon and select connect> Bluetooth human interface device services ".
Follow the prompts until there is a green dotted line that connects the Wiimote icon to the orange circle.
The process is very different for Mac.
Find the built-in
In the Bluetooth application.
Please turn on Bluetooth if it is not already turned on.
Make sure the Bluetooth settings are set to visible ".
"Press the buttons 1 and 2 on Wiimote at the same time so that the four lights will flash.
In the Bluetooth app, click scan device "(
Or something like that).
The name of Nintendo Wiimote should eventually appear.
Click on the name, register or pair with it.
Open the actual Wiimote Whiteboard app.
The program should immediately identify Wiimote and connect it to the program.
If part of this process does not work, make sure the lights on Wiimote are flashing or on all the time.
After syncing Wiimote, you must place Wiimote in a position where you can sense the movement of the infrared.
This step is the most unpredictable and sometimes difficult part of the entire Wiimote whiteboard process.
Important information to remember when performing this step;
Nintendo Wiimote has a viewing angle of about 45 degrees.
For desktop screens, laptop screens, or small projected surfaces, place Wiimote at the same height as in the middle of the screen.
Next, Wiimote should be in center 8 "-
Left or right.
I recommendations xiang zuo xiang you.
For a 20-inch screen, Wiimote should be about 3 feet away from the screen.
For a larger screen, it should be farther, and it should be closer for a closer screen.
Also, the IR camera end of Wiimote should point to the center of the screen.
Because Wiimote can't magically pause in the middle
Air, you have to use a full size tripod or another elevated surface to stabilize Wiimote in the right position.
For a large projected image, the process is very similar with a slight change.
A quick solution is to place Wiimote on top of the projector, which points to the center of the projected image.
This doesn't work for every configuration, but it works for me most of the time.
Otherwise, Wiimote can be placed in half of the screen, Three to 5 feet from the center, five to 8 feet back, and point to the center of the screen.
Adjust this position as needed as it is very subjective.
Wiimote can be fixed in place with a tall camera tripod or ladder, which may look cheesy.
You can also connect Wiimote to the ceiling, but the location will obviously be different.
The last step to actually set up the Wiimote whiteboard is calibration.
First open the Wiimote whiteboard program of your choice.
It should be obvious to click the "calibration" button.
An almost blank screen should pop up with a tiny cross-line in the top right cornerhand corner.
Place the ir led in the center of the cross-line and then activate the instant switch.
A new cross-line should pop up and use the red outer pen "click" it again.
Repeat this until the calibration screen disappears.
This step is crucial because it determines the accuracy of the Wiimote whiteboard.
Re-calibrate if "click" doesn't look accurate enough
Do what you want.
To calibrate again, just recalibrate
Click "calibrate" to repeat the cross-line prompt.
If there is a problem with your Wiimote whiteboard system, please comment on this note form or search for your question on www. Wiimote project.
Similar forums.
Each Wiimote whiteboard program is different, so to find more details on the Wiimote whiteboard program, visit its website and there should be more details or explore the app.
Thank you. Good luck!
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