in the smart home, the smart kitchen may be biggest opportunity of all - smart-ITATOUCH-img

in the smart home, the 'smart kitchen' may be biggest opportunity of all - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
in the smart home, the \'smart kitchen\' may be biggest opportunity of all  -  smart
Over the past year, many of the new product innovations in the smart home sector have revolved around a number of well-known areas such as safety, comfort and convenience.
Although the focus is on simple use
The case of smart home entrepreneurs makes sense, because all cases can be greatly improved through the application of smart technology, but it doesn't make much sense to the smart home innovators to pay attention to the kitchen.
I don't know about you, but the kitchen has always been a central gathering place for any family I 've stayed in, although some may think it's a fashion, I think we put a lot of effort into what we call eating.
But it's more important than the kitchen for all of us.
There are many trends that support the integration of technology and kitchen, including the growing interest of consumers in cooking, the emergence of automated food delivery, and mobile technology has become an indispensable simple fact for many in our kitchen.
In fact, according to a survey conducted by my firmnext market Insights in October 2014, 24% people who cook for themselves or others "always" use tablets or smartphones in the kitchen to help them find food information or help themselves Cook.
The other 34% are in one and a half. frequent basis.
Figure 1: Does the kitchen use mobile devices?
This use of mobile technology proves the huge popularity of recipe apps like Yum, and also proves the adoption of apps like Mealboard that track and manage food stocks.
But the use of apps and mobile devices in the kitchen is just the beginning.
The application of intelligent technology can not only help consumers track inventory (
Yes, a real smart refrigerator with the ability to track inventory and freshness can appear in 5 years)
And be a better cook.
An example of an intelligent cooking device is Anova's precision vacuum cooker.
Bluetooth-enabled devices allow home chefs to search recipes, use suggested temperature and time settings, and Cook while monitoring the progress of their phones. Not a meat fan?
How about brewing a master beer with an interconnected brewing device like Picobrew Zymatic.
If it's too early to drink beer, how about connecting your coffee machine?
Some may think that adding technology to old kitchen equipment is a waste.
After all, the art of cooking is timeless, right?
Maybe, but imagine if you can buy a range that can not only remotely close it, but also remotely diagnose it when something goes wrong?
Equipment manufacturers like Dacor think this is valuable.
The company makes high-
End kitchen appliances has a product called theIQ Wall Oven, which is equipped with a full Android tablet that will not only help you cook, but may one day help diagnose the problem and make it remote
Finally, perhaps the most important trend in driving technology into the kitchen is
Consumers are increasingly concerned about health. Low-
Cost food and beverage scanners, coupled with an increasing integration with health and fitness technologies, will drive more consumers to synchronize their food intake with their health status, so I expect that in the coming years, new technologies that connect quantitative self to smart kitchens will surge.
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