increase in use of lcd projectors for teaching | mangaluru news - times of india - panasonic interactive whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-07
increase in use of lcd projectors for teaching | mangaluru news - times of india  -  panasonic interactive whiteboard
MANGALORE: at the university in the Dakshina Kannada district, the trend of using electronic devices such as LCD projectors to attend classes is catching up.
University of manapal (MU)
450 LCD projectors are currently installed in classrooms and laboratories.
Colonel Badri Narayanan, director of purchasing and general affairs at MU, told TOI that the use of LCD projectors began at MU in 2001, but at that time they had only one.
Later, the classroom of 100 students was provided due to the increased demand of students.
"Now, even with 50 students, the same facilities are provided to the classroom because the LCD Projector helps to provide effective teaching," he said . ".
NMAM Institute of TechnologyIT)
Last year, they used 10 LCD projectors to attend classes, and 15 more LCD projectors were installed in the classroom. NMAM IT vice-
Principal IR Mithanthaya said it helps avoid dictation notes and improve teaching and learning skills, especially for students majoring in engineering who have to learn a variety of machine designs.
"For LCD reasons, the teacher does not have to draw numbers on the blackboard," he added . ". Another city-
Interactive whiteboard based at Besant Women's College (IWB)
More expensive than lakh rupees.
The IWB is a large electronic display connected to a computer that users can control by pen, stylus or finger.
Manjula KJ, principal of Beasant Women's College, said, "We have been using LCD projectors for the past five years, but IWB is characterized by the availability of the Internet, this helps teachers get academic-related videos, pictures and other data quickly. " Marker-
Boards need to spend more time teaching because everything has to be written out, but these electronic devices not only save time, but also make learning more interesting for students, she said.
Institute of TechnologySIT)
The company has 44 projectors for it classrooms and plans to install IWBs.
Shvasvasa Mayya, president of SIT, said the equipment also reduced the workload of teachers.
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