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india: child slaves rescued after police raids - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-31
india: child slaves rescued after police raids  -  smart board in india
India has the most suspicious distinction between child labor under 14 years of age.
The children were trafficked from the poorest parts of the country.
All of this promises to live a better life under the bright lights of a growing city.
Some parents are paid only Rs 3,000 Indian (less than £35 )
And promised to have more money to break up with their children in the future.
Traffickers quickly moved them to larger cities and sold them to contractors.
Once the children are caught by the contractor, they will work in almost inhuman conditions.
Over the years, they have neither received the promised salary nor met their parents.
Kailash Satyarti of a children's movement estimated that the number of child labor in India could be around 50 million;
Britain has a population of nearly 80%.
Although the government insists the numbers are much smaller.
"Children are mainly employed in the clothing industry and produce a large number of products exported to the Western world," he said . ".
"Cheap products are sold on the streets of London, Paris and New York, and when people buy these cheap products, they are in turn responsible for the long-term existence of slavery.
According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Delhi is a hub and transit point for child trafficking.
The capital is full of sweatshops.
Activists tell us that unless not only the authorities but also the consumers themselves continue to work together, it is difficult to stop this practice.
Police raids are not a solution. raids are complex.
It involves multiple departments of the government and also the police.
In many cases, employers get news before the upcoming raid because of corruption.
In The Sky raid news, activists have information on more than 100 children.
But only 31 buildings were found.
The boss was reported.
The children were forced to disappear.
One of the children rescued was Rehman, 13. years-old.
Three months ago, he was taken to Delhi by a relative from a poor village in Bihar.
For the past three months, he has only rested for dinner from 9. 1 straight in the morning to after midnight.
He told me that he was doing embroidery in a room in the building with 30 children.
Where they eat, sleep and work
This is their world
He was only allowed to go out for a few hours on a Saturday and he played cricket on the street.
He told me that he was too afraid to run away.
"Where will I run, who will I run to," he said . ".
"I never got the money, so I don't have the money.
"Now he just wants to go back to his mother.
Child labor is very real in many parts of India.
The campaign said contractors prefer children because it's easier to deal with them.
Once they leave the Guardian, they end up being a debt servant and are almost free for the employer.
Rehman and his 30 friends are free now.
They undergo a physical examination and will be comforted by the activists.
The government is responsible for bringing them together with their families and getting them into school.
But in many cases, poverty pulls them back into the hands of contractors.
The raided sweatshop was seized by the authorities and the employer was sued.
As for traffickers, they have enough supply chains in poor areas
Affected villages in India
Cheap labor in sweatshops was quickly replaced.
In order to meet the demand and profit that customers never meet, products need to be manufactured. It's win-
Win for all
Except for the children.
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