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inquiry call over dumfries campus safety closure - smart board for sale

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-06
inquiry call over dumfries campus safety closure  -  smart board for sale
There have been calls for a full public investigation into the closure of a brand new campus in Dumfries for security reasons.
Dumfries and Galloway Council closed the Northwest community campus Friday after hitting a student on a smart board.
Local residents and parents are "seeking answers" and are calling for an investigation, says MSP Finlay Carson.
The Minister of Education, John Sweeney, said an investigation must be conducted to determine what was wrong. Mr Carson -
Get on par with other MSPs Emma Harper, Colin Smith and Joan mccala
The 28 m facility was presented in the thematic questions.
"Parents and staff are very concerned about the unsafe campus in the northwest community," he said . ".
"We saw the ceiling collapse, a door falling off the rails, a child was injured, and the latest incident was when a child was hit by a falling whiteboard.
He said that, despite the promise of a much larger inspection than the normal level, this happened.
Mr. Swinney said that the safety of students and employees was "absolutely concerned" and he saw evidence that the council had done "extensive work" to ensure the quality of the building.
He said it was the responsibility of the local government to have Graham in charge of the contractor and confirmed that the company would negotiate with the council later this week.
"None of these things should be expected or expected in the delivery of school buildings," he said . ".
"There must be an investigation into what is wrong here --
There must be transparency on these issues.
"It is the only way to provide assurance to parents, staff, students and the Council, he said.
Meanwhile, the Dumfries and Galloway Commission have confirmed that hundreds of children on campus will be educated in other schools before the site is reopened.
It is seeking an "absolute guarantee" that every classroom in the building is safe.
Prior to that, it had made other arrangements: the Council stressed that it was "committed" to opening the Northwest community campus again.
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