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interactive smart mirror (intel iot) - smart interactive

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-05
interactive smart mirror (intel iot)  -  smart interactive
This project is about how to make your mirror smart.
We will add sensors and use the api to make the image smart.
The basic idea is to automatically control the light near the mirror according to the user's existence (
Using the PIR sensor)
And lighting conditions (
Using LDR-based light sensors)
Then display the current weather conditions in the city (on LCD).
Also added a touch sensor so you can see the weather forecast.
With touch sensors, you can add features such as social media notification programs that will inform you of the latest gmail messages, Facebook and Twitter notifications (
This feature is not yet available, but we will add this feature soon). {
Note: For demonstration purposes we will use the Grove IR sensor instead of the PIR sensor and the Grove Blue LED instead of the relay}
It is easy to get the current weather condition and weather forecast anywhere using the wunderground api.
If you have opened your account for wunderground, get the API key you need to get weather data.
Make an API request over HTTP.
The data feature returns either JSON or XML.
We will use JSON format.
So if you want to assume the current weather condition of the city: Mumbai, India, then you have to make the following http api request: you want to predict the cities mentioned above: the API functionality can be combined into an HTTP request.
This is an easy way to save your request.
Situation/Forecast/question in India/Mumbai.
For more information, please visit json: as we are using Node.
The Js task is very simplified because we will use the npm module that is built specifically to call the above API and get JSON data from it.
We will use wunderground-api-
New Public Management module for customers.
To install it, just specify it in the package.
Json under dependencies will be automatically installed on Intel Edison.
Node of the connection.
The Js file contains the code to extract the temperature data from the Wunderground API.
But you can make changes to it and extract a lot of other information such as humidity, pressure, wind speed and a lot of other data as per your requirements.
We read the infrared sensor (
PIR sensor incase if you have one)
If the sensor value is high, we will read the light sensor value, and if it is low, we will turn on the blue LED (
Relay incase if you let it turn on the light).
For weather conditions and forecasts, we read them every five minutes and retrieve data such as temperature. humidity, etc.
Respond from JSON using JSON. parse.
When the user is close to the Mirror checked using an infrared sensor, we display the current weather condition on the LCD (
PIR sensor incase if you have one).
If you click on the touch sensor, it will display the weather forecast for the next day on the LCD.
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