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interactive smartboard using wiimote - smart interactive

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-05
interactive smartboard using wiimote  -  smart interactive
This is a manual for making smart boards with red-out pens and Wii remote controls.
This self-made infrared pen connected to the structure of the structure (
Interact with the SMART Board using this IR pen.
We made this smart board with the Wii Remote (
Tracking infrared)
It can identify the position of the IR pen.
Online open software converts this movement to a move that now replaces the movement of the computer mouse.
Using this simple technology, you can make smart boards for less than 40 euros (
Exclusive projector and laptop)
This will be a manual tutorial for installing a smart motherboard.
To be clear, this software and technology is not developed by ourselves.
We use this technology in innovative applications for people with disabilities.
The inventor of the technology is Johnny Lee, who has many projects on the Wii Remote.
Team: Sarah CarbonPROCESS, Ward Meeus, Bert Boute: making smart boards, we mainly use existing components :-Laptop or PC (preferably 32-
Microsoft XP/Vista or MAC boot camp-BlueSoleil -
Dell/HP/ectToshiba -Logitech Stack)-
Projector/projector or LCD scherm suggestion: micro projector (+-
300 euro, small projector)
Link: Wii Remote (20 -30 euros)-IR pen (
The cost of laptops and projectors is less than 10 euros, and portable smart motherboards can be manufactured for less than 40 euros.
For your own app, you have to decide which software is best for you.
In the link below, there is a topic that shows the options and summaries for each application, especially to see which application works best for which operating system.
Considering our laptop type, we personally chose the first option and we downloaded the application on the first link: The third link refers to the actual software on the original website, we downloaded "Duo board Air with Duo" here: the type of smooth board air works fast, user-friendly.
We have not had any problems so far.
After installing the software, we can connect the projector to the laptop and start using it.
If the screen is set up correctly, we place the Wii remote near the laptop.
Now we will connect the Wii remote control to the laptop via Bluetooth.
Before we launch the software "duo board air with duo", we make sure that the Bluetooth on the Wii Remote and laptop or pc is on.
We started the smooth board air with duo and continue to use the unregisterd version.
When the moothboard interface pups op, we just have to wait for the wii Remote to connect to the laptop (
Appears on the interface).
As explained on the picture, we can now put the Wii remote in the right place.
Due to later calibration, the safety of the Wii remote control is important.
The aim is to point the Wii remote control to sreen so that it can read the infrared from the IR pen.
It is recommended to side the Wii remote slightly (
Favorite picture)
But in our case it would be better to fix it on the projector.
When everything is ready and protected, we can start to interact.
First, we need to calibrate the surface we want to process.
By pressing-
The button on the Wii remote, with an IR pen, points to four points on the screen.
On the pen, we have two switches, one for calibration and one for use. The smallest (monostable)
Since it works like a mouse click, you can use it to calibrate the switch. The biggest (bistable)
The switch you can use because it will open the pen permanently.
After calibration, you can use the pen as a computer mouse and then use it on the big screen.
You can now do all kinds of games, paintings, writing, etc.
There is only one pen and your projection screen.
Disabled people found in an amuzing game, known as "reactickles ".
It interacts with different characters and sports and can be downloaded and enjoyed on the original website!
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