interactive tables at drinx exchange are your maître d, waiter and jukebox wrapped in one - intera

interactive tables at drinx exchange are your maître d', waiter and jukebox wrapped in one - interactive table for schools

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-02
interactive tables at drinx exchange are your maître d\', waiter and jukebox wrapped in one  -  interactive table for schools
Yoshita Rao found a New Era Interactive table at a bar and adopted the futuristic way "Hi ,!
"One of many 32-
Inch LED screen mounted on medium sizesized tables (that seat four)
Light up on the insidedraper exchange in Saki Naka and heri.
On the old bar stock exchange (BSE)
Last time.
Launched bar has seemingly plain furniture-large ceiling fans, contemporary decor hanging wine bottles, and the word acronyms, the initials of popular culture attached to the wall-except for one thing: a talking table.
The only purpose of a table is that the days of lifting objects have passed.
These have now become completely something else.
"The bar includes drinks, food, sports, music and the experience of meeting new people. . .
Rahul Dhingra, 37, began to say: "I have combined all of this into a productyear-
Old tech enthusiasts who conceptualize interactive tables.
Dhingra and his partner Dibyendu Bindal have opened several outlets in Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal and CBD Belapur with plans to open a total of 20 outlets nationwide.
The talk table has a content management system (CMS)
This will soon become sensitive.
CMS manages a variety of activities, such as introducing your waiter, taking orders for food and drinks, showing the lyrics of the songs that are going on, the ledgers and the options called "Crash market, similar to the formula for BSE to attract more customers.
Fortunately, in the event of a market crash, a total of 86 tickets were required and the price of drinks dropped by 25.
This is the signal from the siren, and the table gives you a head --
Tell you, "Open Your Eyes" for people who crash the market ".
The image of the final voters and their names are shown on the screen in bold.
This is a happy moment to burst (virtual)confetti.
Customers then sprinted for discounted drinks and their eyes stared at the ticking countdown on the big screen as the crash lasted only five minutes.
After the crash, you can't vote within an hour.
Dhingra said: "It helps me to do two things, one is that my price drop is limited, and if they order it soon, everyone will order it soon, and the other is that they end it soon, make room for the next table.
"To use the new age table, however, customers need to download the Draper Exchange app, which can also track their location to make sure they don't vote to crash the market from home.
Login can be done via Facebook or Google plus accounts that use photo identity to celebrate the vote in order to crash the market and identify regular customers whose order is immediately confirmed instead of being personally confirmed by the waiter.
"We are not creating hiccups in conversation, but increasing experience," he asserted . ".
The brain behind the BSE stock market beverage approach, Dhingra, explains why he came up with an interactive form, "The BSE concept has been rolled out for four years.
People no longer play with this app and pay more attention to pricing.
I want people to create memories, talk to each other and drink.
"But the table in the future is an expensive thing.
"It took us a half to accumulate experience.
Our budget is up to $ and we have to run out by next March.
"Since most of the bar experiences come down to wine and food, there are some of the hippest cocktails in drystexchange, like the ultimate bulldog-vodka, white rum, gin, juice and
Electric iced tea;
Frozen watermelon can also quench your thirst.
But for the technician who claimed to have been programming since the age of 10, technology is everything.
"Technology is everywhere-at the customer level, employees, managers, and even food and beverages must be designed based on technology.
This is the future.
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