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interactive whiteboard: boon to education system - interactive whiteboard activities

by:ITATOUCH     2019-06-29
interactive whiteboard:  boon to education system  -  interactive whiteboard activities
An interactive whiteboard is a display of information.
It helps teachers and students gain knowledge beyond the syllabus.
It works according to the instructions given by the user through the finger touch operation.
In today's society, technology has surpassed different professional fields, and no one will be affected by the development of technology.
Gradually, learning to use this technology becomes the need of outsiders.
To gain knowledge about machines, we go to schools and universities so that we can invent technology and make it a part of our lives for convenience.
Similarly, no matter what we do in life, we must return to society.
Therefore, no matter what we have learned so far in schools/colleges/training institutions, we are giving back to the society with the invention of an interactive whiteboard for teaching equipment.
With the help of this technology, the young mind will be able to fight for something better than it.
However, teaching without technology is itself an unfinished task.
Education is an area in which technology can bring good results to the budding aspirants in various fields.
Thanks to advances in technology, schools are beginning to use computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards.
Together, all these devices help teach students knowledge and skills.
The interactive whiteboard has a large screen connected to the computer and projector.
The projector helps project the computer desktop onto the motherboard screen.
Usually, interactive whiteboards are installed on the wall.
The board has touch screen operation and can provide operation for multiple students at the same time;
Students can enter with their fingers or fake pens, or they can operate with a computer keyboard and mouse.
The infrared sensor is able to respond quickly to each input command given by the user.
In addition to this, the plate has been hardened and resistant
Scratch surfaces, can continue to work regardless of dents and scratches.
The availability of interactive whiteboards helps to get a clear picture of any concept, teachers can use visuals in the context of any topic, and can annotate and highlight them with save options.
If the student is unable to master any subject or no one is involved in any course, a recorded lecture on the subject can be presented at any point in time when required.
In this way, students can easily and quickly understand without wasting too much time.
The interactive whiteboard also supports third-party software and is compatible to run on the interactive whiteboard.
Many online games based on a variety of themes help create interesting sessions that eventually sharpen the minds of students.
The interactive whiteboard makes it easy to continue working without deleting content, while it can save information due to sufficient storage space.
Earlier, due to the limited space on the blackboard, the teacher used to have problems sharing information and used to be erased by a duster used to make space.
But now with the help of IWB, this problem no longer exists.
Let's take a quick look at some interactive whiteboard tools :-
Main toolbar function-
In the Start menu, it has a save option that saves an existing document and opens-
Function used to open an existing file.
Print options in the digital board for getting the print results of an existing file.
It also has the ability to export the current page to JPEG, PPT, PDF & HTML file format.
Email, or even create an account in outlook express to send an email with the current writing content as an attachment (
PPT or PDF format).
There are other features in the interactive whiteboard, such as the packaging screen, showing the audience part of the screen, image catcher, Spotlight
Used to highlight an area so that the viewer can focus on the area or rotate, resize the selected area.
Another important tool is the screen recorder, which can save the whole process as an AVI file.
Sound can also be recorded using a microphone.
Tools used in mathematics to measure angles, such as protactor and triangular ruler, and tools for making arc diagrams that can be rotated, scaled down, and moved.
Another important feature of the interactive whiteboard is "annotation ". e.
Screen notes where students can comment on the current page, desktop, and other applications.
Under screen notes, users can also annotate office documents, power point & Excel.
Finally, we can say that by giving students the right knowledge with the help of technology, we can bring innovative results to our education system.
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