interactive whiteboard - role of interactive whiteboard in education - interactive whiteboard onli

interactive whiteboard - role of interactive whiteboard in education - interactive whiteboard online

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-08
interactive whiteboard - role of interactive whiteboard in education  -  interactive whiteboard online
Since most of us went through the school stage, we saw that our classroom was equipped with whiteboards and the teacher used to write with chalk or dry erase marks.
Research and development of information and communication technologies (
Information and Communication Technology
The development of technology has given birth to a new whiteboard, the interactive whiteboard.
The key aspect of the teaching process is the quality of the curriculum taught by teachers to students.
Today, teachers use interactive whiteboards to improve the quality of teaching.
The interactive whiteboard makes the teaching process interactive and motivating.
Interactive whiteboards are digital whiteboards that connect projectors and computers.
The projector projects the entire computer desktop in the active area of the interactive whiteboard.
Interactive whiteboards, as a substitute for traditional whiteboards or wall charts, are used in classrooms at all stages of education.
They communicate with the computer using a USB or serial port cable.
Bluetooth devices or RF (RF)
The device is used to provide wireless communication.
Using the software provided, teachers can write, draw, and annotate on their surfaces, and navigate computer functions from an interactive whiteboard using a finger or pen.
Whatever the teacher writes on its surface, it can be saved in various formats in the computer, such as pictures, power points, PDF, HTML.
These electronic documents can be used later for repeated courses or mailed to absent students as attachments.
The software has an image library built into different disciplines that teachers can use in their classes.
The interactive whiteboard allows teachers to record their sessions in a video format that can be shared in their classroom.
They have a lot of tools to show, like Spotlight, snapshot, exposure, etc.
Spotlight shapes help focus attention on specific parts.
The Reveal feature allows you to hide information and display in any direction.
Based on technology, there are different types of interactive whiteboards on the market. An IR (infra-red)
The interactive whiteboard uses an infrared beam to make the whiteboard touch sensitive.
The resistance film plate consists of two resistance plates separated by air gap.
The EMC board is a grid of wires operated with an electronic pen called a stylus.
Every school, college and university around the world has interactive whiteboards installed in classrooms.
The interactive whiteboard opens up a world of opportunities for teachers to innovate in teaching and student learning.
Nowadays, interactive whiteboards have become an integral part of the learning environment.
It is very important that teachers receive good training and take advantage of the new opportunities offered to them by the interactive whiteboard.
For effective learning and teaching, it is time to quickly push the interactive whiteboard to the classroom.
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