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internet of things selfie drone could be the next big thing - smart software

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-12
internet of things selfie drone could be the next big thing  -  smart software
You won't have to take a selfie soon.
There may be drones to do this.
Image source: AFPFORGET selfie stick, people who like to take pictures of themselves may soon be able to buy a selfie drone.
Technology company IoT is developing a compact automatic flight camera system (IoT)
Plan to sell it before Christmas.
Self-timer drones can track people around and take photos of them surfing, skiing or cycling, IoT says. The Sydney-
The Australian-based company, which is seeking to list in the Australian stock market, said the move would enable investors to profit from the boom in mobile devices, smart technology and gadgets.
Simon Kantor, chief executive of the Internet of Things, said the company took advantage of existing technology, added features and improved them, and then offered the product to the public at an affordable price.
"The Internet of Things is a developer of advanced technology," he said . "
"So we adopt the innovations that already exist, and then develop and patch them on the basis to add more functionality and make it more useful to the average person.
Mr. Kantor said that the selfie stick was a huge seller in 2014, and the Internet of Things combined the use of the selfie stick with the drone, which is usually expensive and difficult to fly.
"We are working on a self-timer drone that is affordable.
$150 or $190
"This will follow you," he said . ".
"It has a lot of smart software and sensors and we can get a lot of products at a good price so that we can deliver the products at an affordable price.
"IoT has launched a $99 smartwatch, the VIP Phone Watch, which is available in some supermarkets.
The company has also developed a GPS safety smartwatch for children, a sturdy smartwatch designed for tradies, and smart clothing.
Smart clothing includes shoes equipped with miniature sensors and devices that can provide information about the number of steps taken and the user's walking posture and manner.
Smart singing can measure blood pressure or pick up blood pressure if the wearer has a heart attack.
Mr. Kanter said that the internet of things can develop products conceptually and bring them to market in three to four months.
The company intends to go public in the stock market through reverse acquisitions of enthusiastic resources.
Ardent Resources will buy IoT in exchange for about 0. 696 billion of Ardent's shares.
The acquisition is expected to be completed in December.
Enthusiastic shareholders will be asked to recognize the change in the nature and size of the enthusiastic event, and the company will also issue a prospectus to raise $5 million.
These funds will be used to accelerate the development of IoT products and to seek business development opportunities.
With shareholder approval, Ardent will consolidate its shares on an indicative basis of 1 to 4.
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