interview: pianist and composer stephen hough on opening the proms - smart kitchen table-ITATOUCH

interview: pianist and composer stephen hough on opening the proms - smart kitchen table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-28
interview: pianist and composer stephen hough on opening the proms  -  smart kitchen table
Painters, poets, writers, composers, conductors, bloggers and one of the greatest pianists of our time.
Stephen Hoff is hard not to be intimidated.
There was an old invitation to his painting exhibition on his kitchen table.
His books were scattered in his clever stable in St. John Wood.
Somewhere nearby will be a score for his latest work.
His new app is released this month.
On Friday, he opened the BBC for the second time: he must be very tired to do it.
What is impressive, however, is that Hoff doesn't seem to be worn out by anything.
In a world where neurosis is normal, 51-year-
Surprisingly easy-going.
I remember once he had a meal at an Italian restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago.
Concert on duty with Gustavo Dudamel.
After dinner, he walked to the piano and began to improvise Cole Potter's songs.
There are very few pianists who can do this.
Fewer people will.
This may help to have a tiger mother's childhood unlike many other musicians.
His youth was wasted healthily.
"Intersection 6.
30, then Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street, world of action, love your neighbor, 9, Horizon. . .
He recited the 80-year-old TV show affectionately, as if they were old friends.
"What I have done for about four years is to watch TV.
I think my parents should stop me.
After an early essay, he made a mistake for many years.
He no longer plays, writes or listens to classical music.
Then his teacher suggested that he listen to Elgar's Dream of old age.
"That is very important.
It's time to come.
If I didn't change my way when I was 15 or 16, I wouldn't keep playing.
"I don't know what I will do for a job," he admitted . ".
"Because loving your neighbor is not a diet to keep doing other things.
The singing of Elgar (
Text based on Catholic conversion Cardinal Newman)
His interest in the Catholic Church was also sparked, which shocked his Protestant grandmother.
"Most people are trying to get rid of the Catholic Church all their lives.
"It's amazing that I chose it," he joked . ".
He even considered joining the clergy, mainly to prevent people from asking questions about his sexual orientation.
Today, he lives with his partner.
The master of Feitian public relations has become a highly respected religious commentator.
He was admitted to the Royal Northern Conservatory of Music and to the giuliard Academy, which he considered lucky.
Most people attribute it to talent;
His talent has made him one of the most exciting pianists in the world today.
However, it took Britain a while to realize that there was a star in the middle of it.
It's easier in pro-British America.
At the age of 21, he won the famous Naumberg Piano Award "lark" there and won the award.
"I was not going to have a concert.
But I found myself winning.
So then I had a concert and had to be serious.
I have to get an accountant and a Social Security number and I have to start being an adultup.
"Success breeds more success, and eventually he wins one of the biggest awards in the creative industry, the MacArthur scholarship known as the" genius award.
He explained: "It's something you don't apply for, kind of like a knight status.
They just told you someone gave you one.
I got this call saying I won and it was quite a bit of money and they wanted my bank details to start depositing into my account.
It's American to you.
They don't even want to know what I'm going to do with it.
"He probably screwed up all this at the Mars bar.
Thankfully, he's invested $500,000 in a state --of the-art sound-
There is a piano room in the corner near his home, and now it is his artist's studio.
Back home, at the age of 80 and 90, not just distrust of creative talents with English names.
Brand of Hoff --
Generosity, personality and excellence in color and technology --
I found myself out of favor.
So here he was originally at the edge of the repertoire, in some lesser-known composers such as John Nepomuk Hummel, Franz shavenca and Frederick MO.
"If I say to Hyperion in the first place, 'I want to record all of Schubert's songs,' they say, 'Sorry, it won't happen '.
Now he can do whatever he wants.
What he likes most is the amazing people.
His recording of the two concertos of Bream was published in September.
Next year, he began the creation of the Beethoven concerto.
"The core repertoire is always the most important thing for me," he insisted . ".
That's life.
Change every time
Although I love him, I can't say anything about Mo Pu.
"It feels like you're dealing with one of the greatest works of civilization," he said to bream ".
At the dance, he played another masterpiece, rahyinov's whimsy about the theme of Pagini, and lutoski's own Pagini theme and
"Not masterpiece, but interesting ").
Later in the Proms season, when he turned to Mendelsohn's First Piano Concerto, he returned for a second date.
"This is a beautiful melody of youth," he said . "Tricky?
"Everything is tricky," he said with a smile, "but it is one of the pieces that sounds harder than the actual situation. Less work. More applause.
What don't you like?
Hove is a regular visitor to his favorite Festival Proms: "There is a real intimacy with such intimate promers as they stand --
Instead of sitting in a seat lazily
Seems to be involved in both body and hearing.
"For those who want to study his body outside the Albert Hall, the secret of Hof's pianism will be announced this month in a stylish new app in Touchpress.
Next to the recording of Liszt's epic Sonata, you will be able to hear his analysis, track the scores, and browse most of the photos, movies, or signed manuscripts.
At the press conference, Hoff is planning pop-
Perform at Apple stores in New York and Tokyo.
In addition to this, there are more writing, blogs and paintings.
In addition to the new Beethoven cycle and the new cello sonata by Steven isseris (
On October, they performed at the concert hall of wigermore. .
To those of us who are interested in piano, it is concerning that he has obtained the first large drawing Committee.
"I like painting.
He explained: "It was an incredible release of tension and I was very excited about it.
I was excited to squeeze out some wonderful red paint.
My heart started beating faster.
Using these thick acrylic coatings is almost an emotional thing.
I almost wanted to put my hand in.
"We won't lose him to the art world, will we?
"Sometimes I think I 'd rather draw than practice.
But no, the piano must come first. . .
It's kind of like having a child.
You can't leave the kids, leave for a week and hope everything goes well.
Both art and practice have a certain responsibility.
"Stephen Hove on the opening night of the dance at the SW7 Albert Hall, performed by rahyinov on the theme of pagonini and lutoshivsky on pagonini0845 401 5040; bbc. co. uk/proms)on Friday.
He played again at the August 19 ball.
His new iPad app, Liszt Sonata, will be available on the iTunes App Store on Thursday.
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