intrepid middle-class parents embark on daring search for mythical perfect school district - digital smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-12
intrepid middle-class parents embark on daring search for mythical perfect school district  -  digital smart board
Sources confirmed that a painful journey began today in the first rays of sunshine
Two parents of Ken and Deborah Linden bravely set out to find the perfect school district, a fabulous top arearanked, well-
Many people say that comprehensive education exists only in the legend.
Lindens said the mission could last weeks, months or even years, and it is expected that the fearless couple will take them to the farthest place in the metropolitan area as they use 8-to-1 student-
Teacher ratio, highly competitive SAT scores, and a large number of funding programs for gifted and talented students.
"While our path may be dangerous, our will is unshakable and we begin to pursue this long term with a spirit of hope --
Deborah Linden reportedly said he spent many long nights studying maps, standardized test data, and copies of the USS.
News and World Reports
"No matter what trap we encounterThey are lottery tickets.
According to enrollment policy or rising house prices
We will not rest until our children enter school.
"We will find this sacred place, offering Mandarin in addition to French and Spanish, and nearly 25 graduates taking their first exams --
She continued, "otherwise we will die in our efforts.
According to the legend of the mysterious School District --
Located in a remote open space in the suburbs, only a few people can see --
Provides a powerful, wide
The range of courses claimed by the prophet includes "all AP courses --all of them.
Maybe more than one person can take it.
"If you want to believe in the legend, the teachers in each classroom in the area have advanced degrees, usually doctoral degrees, and the courses of the day are displayed on the smart board synchronized with each student school. issued iPad.
It is even predicted that opportunities for extra-curricular activities are unlimited --
From advanced computer programming clubs to weekly organized community service programs
Scholarship applications look good.
"Some people think there is no perfect school district --
This is just an old story that was passed softly at the PTA conference and the Kaplan test preparation center, and that's all, "said Ken Linden, firmly staring at the distance.
"But we know it's somewhere and we believe that its multiple rewards will be accepted by the children of those who can get an open place.
A lot of people flinch from this exploration, but we will succeed.
We must succeed.
"When I close my eyes, I can almost imagine the quiz bowl team preparing for the regional final," he added . ".
Lindens told reporters that since they were a shabby Primary School District and were unable to access good high schools in their town, they were well aware of the risks posed by their mission.
The couple said that a year ago they were convinced that they had discovered the mythical kingdom in batfield, VA, but when they read about 2011 bullying incidents at a school, their hopes were brutally dashed, forcing them to start the arduous task again.
They confirmed the same fate they suffered last fall when they thought Rundlett County public school was a legendary area, but later found its seniors
The one-year internship program is not strict enough, and its reputation in mathematics, while good, may be better.
"Every time we thought we finally found thisforetold-
It turns out to be just a mirage, "said Deborah Linden.
"I know our journey can be misleading and even crazy for some people, but these legendary places of studyon-
Pre-provide a consultation and coaching
K continues to promise too much for us to let them slip away from us.
"Because it's impossible for us to get our kids to the south of Richmond," she added . ".
"There was no HD video production studio at that dump.
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