iot-based tech helps keep watch on trees, sends alert | bengaluru news - times of india - small smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-29
iot-based tech helps keep watch on trees, sends alert | bengaluru news - times of india  -  small smart board
Bengaluru: imagine an alert from a forest officer or farmer's mobile phone whenever someone tries to cut down sandalwood, rosewood or any other height
The value tree of his jurisdiction.
This intelligent forest intervention is the result of the collaboration of scientists from the Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST)
Bengaluru and private company Hitachi India can not only save the trees, but also catch the criminals.
Systems running on the Internet of Things (IoT)
Technology, including small smart devices installed on trees that need protection.
Whenever a tree faces a threat of tree cutting, tree cutting or root-pulling, a waterproof, weather-resistant device sends an alarm to the user's mobile phone through the cloud.
As a pilot, at 25-
Akawst Malleswaram.
The IoT sensor installed on the tree has sent the user any information about the interference and its location;
35 sensors will also be installed on campus this month.
Poachers targeting high-value trees always cause losses to the forest sector and farmers who plant them with the necessary permits.
At IWST campus, a research institute under the Forest Department, cases of poaching of sandalwood are common.
At 2015, the thief cut a 20foot-
Despite the presence of six security guards, tall sandalwood trees.
Surendra Kumar, director of IWST, said the research project was to develop a solution to monitor and standardize e-commerce
Precious tree protection system.
IWST became the first institution to have tried such a system and worked out a protocol for its commercial transformation through public
Private Partnership
Hitachi India is funding the initiative under its CSR program and deploying Hitachi anomaly detection to forecasts and prescriptions (HAD2P)
Technology to monitor and detect illegal cutting and movement of heightsvalue trees.
Gnaneshwar Kambali, managing director of Hitachi India digital solutions and services group, said that this CSR project combines our business and technical advantages, such as the internet of things, to create disruptive changes for the environment and society as a whole.
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