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ipad comparison | the times of india - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-11
ipad comparison  | the times of india  -  tablets you can draw on
01/12 Apple iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
Compared with the Sony Xperia Tablet, ZApple's latest tablet iPad Air has been widely praised for its stylish design, slim form factor and smooth performance.
However, the Android tablet is not too bad to offer better advice, especially when the price tag and storage capacity of the iPad are questioned.
So, we made a head --to-
Head contrast for Apple's iPad Air and Samsung's Galaxy Note 10. 1 (2014 Edition)
And Sony Tablet Z to see which is the best big-
Tablets on the market now.
Here are the iPad Air and Galaxy Note 10 we found on Ravi Sharma02/12.
Each display has its own advantages.
The color of the Samsung tablet 10 is more vivid. 1-inch display (
There are three screen modes)
The visibility of the sun is better.
On the other hand, the iPad Air 9. 7-
Inch display is brighter.
Of course, content consumption depends on the aspect ratio of the two tablets.
In the display competition, Sony's Xperia Tablet Z (10. 1-inch)
Seems to have run.
The color is almost good enough, the brightness is no problem at best, and the viewing angle and sunlight visibility are also very poor.
Winner: iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
Gorgeous screen.
However, the warm tone of the Samsung tablet gives it a slight advantage.
03/12 the design and appearance in the appearance Department, the iPad Air beat all the competitors.
It is thinner, lighter and more stylish than any other tablet on the market.
The only thing close to the new Apple tablet is Sony's Xperia Tablet Z, which is actually thinner (7.
Apple vs 7 5mm5mm for Sony).
However, the overall look of the iPad Air is still more stylish, and its metal body gives it a high-end look.
One area of Sony's Tablet beating the iPad Air is durability.
It's the only top
Tablet for water
Dust proof, anti-breaking-
Glass body.
These features make it more durable than any other model.
Artificial must be mentioned
Leather back panel for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. 1.
When we took the tablet out, it turned several heads and many looked at it with envy.
Good design but weight (574gram)
Against it, than the air of the iPad (478gram)
And Tablet Z (495gram).
Winner: Apple iPad Air04/12 performance this is where the iPad Air really beats its competitors.
Apple's tablet is much faster than Android's competitors, even after a long period of use.
On the other hand, we have encountered some lag on both Sony and Samsung tablets.
Although this lag is only intermittent, we chose to illustrate this in our comparison, because for devices that do not provide a smooth user experience, your fee is no more than Rs 40,000.
Winner: Apple iPad Air05/12 user experience from the start, the ipad offers a better user experience than the Android tablet, because Apple's App Store has a large number of apps customized for the ipad.
Sadly, this is not the case with Android.
Apps in Google's operating system are created in one size and then stretched for different screen sizes.
This does not provide a custom user experience.
The Ipad app is well known.
In the time we spent with three tablets, some apps (
For example, Real Racing 3)
The look and feel on the Android tablet is not as good as on the iPad.
In addition, these apps work much faster than other tablets, including the previous ipad.
One of the coolest things for Android is the widget, which gives you access to several features from the home screen.
Both Sony and Samsung went one step further by offering floating widgets on the screen.
You can use calculators, web browsers, and some other applications on the home screen, move them, and change their density (
Make them more or less visible compared to other onscreen items)
Turn them off with a tap.
Basically, the functionality of the tablet depends on the user's taste, but we prefer a smooth user experience rather than some additional software functionality.
Winner: one of the main features of Apple's iPad Air06/12 samsung's S Pen stylus samsung Galaxy Note 10.
1 is its S Pen stylus, which brings many functions to the table.
You can draw directly on the home screen and create digital scrapbooks, memos, etc.
The stylus can even preview the actions performed by certain buttons in the app and can be used on the capacitor button (Home and Back)too.
It's a cool tool to work on big 10. 1-
Inch screen is easier.
we suggest you go with the stylus
Equipped with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
If the screen size is too big for you.
07/12 storage and price this is a point for Sony Xperia Tablet Z and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
A few miles earlier than the iPad Air. The 16GB Wi-
The Fi and 4g versions of the IPad Air are priced at Rs 44,900, and there is no scalable storage space.
For each storage extension, you will need to pay an extra Rs 7,000 for the iPad Air.
We said there were a bit more requests.
At the same price, you can get the Sony Xperia Tablet Z (Wi-
Support for Fi and 4g, 16 gb and 64 gb microSD)
And Samsung Galaxy Note 10. 1 (Wi-
Support for Fi and 4G, 32 gb and 64 gb microSD).
winner: Month of Samsung Galaxy Note.
108/12 CameraWe is not really a fan of using a tablet as a camera, but if you get this feature, why not use it?
Both Android tablets here are equipped with 8MP cameras;
There is even a LED flash on the back of Samsung.
On the other hand, the iPad Air has a 5MP camera with no flash.
However, the photo clicked with iPad Air has the most natural color in the three colors; details of out-of-
However, the focus object in the photo is lost.
On the other hand, by default, the Samsung tablet has a wide range of camera options, which allows you to select the best photo or remove objects, as well as various modes when clicking on a photo.
The camera quality of the Tablet Z is also good, but the photos also lack details here.
The color is good but still inaccurate and the contrast is acceptable.
winner: Month of Samsung Galaxy Note.
109/12 BatteryAll tablet is moderately used on Wi-with battery life of nearly 2 daysFi networks.
The IPad Air is more focused on web browsing, video and gaming, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
1 and Sony Tablet Z.
IPad Air and Galaxy Note 10 .
1 charge faster than Tablet Z
Winner: Apple iPad Air10/12 all three tablets will be top notch in future proofreading
Expensive, so it's natural to expect them to last for a long time.
If this is one of the criteria when buying a tablet, then the iPad Air is the best choice.
The model runs on Apple's latest A7 processor, which can handle 64-
Bit applications, so when more resources-
Consumer applications are becoming popular.
Apple has been great with software updates since iPad 2 (a 2011 model)
IOS 7 updates have been received and we can expect the iPad Air to get the next three OS updates easily.
On the other hand, Android devices are not so lucky, and both Sony and Samsung tablets are likely to get two OS upgrades, but then they will get stuck with the old OS.
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