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ipad sales may be twice forecast - graphic design tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-20
ipad sales may be twice forecast  -  graphic design tablet
Ipad sales at the launch weekend could more than double what some analysts estimate, an early sign that CEO Steve Jobs might be successful in reviving demand for tablets --Computer style.
Piper Jaffray & Co. , the initial sales of the iPad may have reached 700,000 units.
Munster said yesterday.
Hotels in Minneapolis
Analysts at the company had previously forecast sales of 200,000 to 300,000, while Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.
The forecast for Toni Sacconaghi is 300,000 to 400,000
The device, which began selling on Saturday, attracted a large number of people to stores across the United States, comparable to the frenzy of the iPhone's launch in 2007.
Munster said the line at the five stores surveyed by Piper Jaffray was longer than expected, but Apple had an ipad on Saturday night, suggesting the company was able to produce enough equipment to meet its initial needs
"Sales during the day remain relatively stable," Munster said . " He bought $499 for 16-
Gigabyte models himself.
"My expectations are high.
The IPad is Apple's effort to turn tablets into popular consumer devices, as are rivals such as Microsoft Corp.
Not done.
Based on the success of Apple's iPhone and iPod, the product takes the middle between smartphones and laptops.
Apple believes the design is attractive enough that consumers are willing to pay a lower premiumcost notebooks.
Starting at $499.
Josh Klenert, 36, said: "It's too expensive. it's too expensive . "year-
Or bought an old graphic designer.
"You can call it a dumb computer or a smart phone --
Between the two.
This is a unique, sexier device.
"Klenert, one of his
New York's bedroom apartment has "more Apple computers than people"
Ordered the iPad and went to the Apple SoHo store in New York City to buy it, one of the first stores to buy the iPad.
He is going to use it to read newspapers and magazines.
Hundreds of shoppers lined up to wait for the store to open, although the crowd did not camp for days like when the iPhone debuted.
Many buyers see themselves as early adopters and Apple enthusiasts, making it difficult to judge whether the iPad will win mainstream customers.
"I like it," says Jacob Arento, 37. year-
Old digital business developers from Copenhagen.
After leaving Apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, he opened the new silver gadget and waved to the crowd.
"The size is right, the design is right, everything is right," he said . ".
Jobs had a meeting.
His day at his home store in Palo Alto, California
Chat with shoppers
Apple retail director Ron Johnson spoke to employees before the Fifth Avenue store opened.
Users can surf the Internet, read e-books, watch videos and play games on the iPad.
What it lacks is a built-in
Camera or support for Adobe Systems Inc.
Flash software, which runs most of the video on the network.
The device does not allow users to perform multiple tasks at the same time.
The IPad's first wave of reviews praised its ability to quickly deliver digital books and videos, saying it performed well compared to other devices, including Amazon. com Inc. ’s Kindle e-book reader.
Bloomberg columnist Rich Jaroslovsky said it could change people's relationship with computers and require users to learn Apple's "new language" that is "elegant and easy to master ".
Edward byger of USA Today called the iPad "fun, simple, amazing and at an amazing speed.
"Since 1990, tablets have appeared in one form or another and have not become popular.
They account for less than 1% of individuals.
According to research firm Gartner Inc. , the computer market
The success of the IPad depends in part on the appeal of the app running on it. CBS Corp. , the most-
Watching the TV network, last week announced plans to offer programs such as "survivors" and "CSI" on the iPad. Walt Disney Co.
The iPad app will be released for ABC shows and ESPN games.
And Netflix. , the movie-
The rental company will let users watch the streaming program of the iPad.
Like the iPhone, the iPad will also test Apple's ability to conquer the new market.
Since returning to Apple in 1997, Jobs has revived the Macintosh computer business, remade digital music with an iPod and pushed Apple to the mobile market. phone field.
Increasing these products raises revenue and profits to record levels.
Compared with 6 iPads, Apple may sell about 5 million iPads in the first 12 months.
According to Sacconaghi, there were 1 million iPhones in the first year of the launch.
Researcher at ISupplisays full-
Annual sales may reach 7. 1 million.
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