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is handwriting obsolete in the digital age? - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
is handwriting obsolete in the digital age?  -  digital pen and pad
We spent a lot of time typing on our phones and hardly noticed that we had stopped writing with pen and paper.
Candy Palmater presided over a debate between writer and graphic designer to answer the question: Is handwriting still useful in this keyboard-King Digital Age?
The writing handwriting of the New York Times writer Anne Trubeck does not matter, especially if the child should be scored at school.
Her new book, The History of writing and the uncertain future, depicts advances in writing technology to adapt to the speed of thinking.
The development of computer communication marks a new era of human thought.
"It makes us go faster.
"We can take the time to think about what we want to say instead of having the letters say it," she said . ".
Christopher Rouleau in Toronto
Based on graphic artists and collaboration
The founder of Ligatures is a group celebrating typography and fonts, and the slow handwriting and the rhythm of meditation form an important connection between body and mind, which is a necessary part of mindfulness.
Handwriting is a sign of authenticity: "It may be the reaction of this generation to computers," he said.
Here are some pictures of graphic designers and hand-made
Christopher er Christopher Rouleau is a firm defender of cursive art.
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