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is the samsung galaxy note 10.1 doomed to fail? - cheap graphics tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-05
is the samsung galaxy note 10.1 doomed to fail?  -  cheap graphics tablet
When the original 5-
Inch Galaxy Note has first announced that it has been severely criticized for its larger sizethan-
The usual size is the same as its stylus, which is an accessory that becomes obsolete due to the appearance of the capacitive touch screen display.
Samsung eventually sold millions of these phones, proving the huge market for them.
The company officially launched the Galaxy Note 10 today.
1, like its predecessor, the early reviews of the device are mixed at best --
Joseph Volpe of Engadget even said bluntly, "note 10.
Its plastic design looks and feels cheap. The 10. 1-
Inch Note runs Android 4.
0 ice cream sandwiches with Samsung's Touchwiz skin on them.
It was designed as more artists.
Friendly than the original instructions: it is still equipped with S Pen stylus, perfect for the inside of the dock and now has a pressure sensitivity of 1,024 thanks to Wacom technology.
The new note better detects if your palm stays on the screen, so that once it detects the S Pen, the mark you make with your hand disappears.
Figure 10. 1-
Inch Note is obviously more comfortable than drawing on its relatively small predecessor.
But, as you may have guessed, you can't replace your dedicated graphic tablet with it even if the sensitivity increases.
Commenters complain about missing the printing press and drawing lines, accuracy is a frequent problem.
Nathan Olivares of Wired
Giles says the S Pen and S Note apps are fun to use and are good enough for casual graffiti, but for professionals, A pencil or pen and a piece of paper are still better options --
Grading work without a professional graphic tablet.
Galaxy Note 10.
There are relatively low-res screen —
Especially compared to the retina display of the new iPad
1280x800 pixels, but Melissa J.
Perenson, in particular, thinks Samsung may have taken some steps to boost the display of the new Note.
"The clarity and color of the image is much better than the Galaxy Tab 2 10. 1, and my high-
The resolution image in Google Gallery has clarity and detail, very close to the image you find at high resolution
"Pixel density display," she wrote.
The multi-screen feature of the tablet is a unique feature that lets you split the screen between two apps.
The downside is that the feature is limited to only a few applications
In fact, there are only six.
However, as Mashable's Peter Pachal says, it's still a "really cool trick, and it's great for Samsung to make sure it works with a video player.
"Anyone who has used a tablet can tell you that trying multitasking on a tablet is a nightmare, so for a device that focuses on drawing, multi-screen is a great addition.
In addition to the features mentioned above, 10. 1-
Inch Note also has an infrared transmitter that can turn it into a fancy remote control thanks to the Peel app 2 gb RAM, 1. 4GHz quad-
Core processor and microSD card slot.
These features sound great, but for the 16 gb version of the Note 10, the price is $499.
The price of 1 is as high as the new iPad with 16 gb storage, far exceeding the acclaimed $199 8 gb Nexus 7 that comes with the latest Android operating system.
Its price is exactly what many reviewers think you should focus on tablets --
Buy eyes elsewhere
"At the same time, $499, and many other tablets, the display is clearer, equal or higher --
In storage and four
"Core cpu," Volpe said.
Brent Ross of Gizmodo agreed and even advised people not to reach 10. 1-
Inch Note: "The only possible exception is the graphic designer's absolute belief that the S Pen can be tamed. . .
Starting at $500, this is a very clear pass for others. . .
Most things on this device don't work as well as they should.
However, Pachal believes that there may be a market for new notes: "[T]
Galaxy Note 10.
1 is not a replacement for the iPad;
More like a tablet expert
The tablet you will go to when you need something very specific, in which case it is drawing, note --
Just like you won't go to a regular intern for surgery, you won't get an Apple product if you want to use a stylus.
You will get the Galaxy Note 101.
For anyone who wants the digital equivalent of the legal pad, there's nothing better than that.
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