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israeli to help with lax security - wireless smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-11
israeli to help with lax security  -  wireless smart board
Senior Israeli airport security officials will regularly
On Friday, Mayor Antonio villagossa signed an agreement to take terror measures at Los Angeles International Airport during a visit to Los Angeles.
The agreement officially became an arrangement that began two years ago and will send Israeli officials Nahum lisss and two colleagues to Los Angeles for regular inspections at a cost of $1,000. per-Consultant during the day
Officials work for the authorities that run Ben.
Gurion international airport. Calling Ben-
The agreement "will enable us to learn about Gurion, the world's safest airport," said bhararaigosa. . .
Implementation Status-of-the-
Art Technology and other measures to help us protect airport security.
"Starting in the fall, lisss and his team will visit the Los Angeles International Airport twice a year, and by e-
Officials from both sides said the mail.
The team conducted a preliminary review of the Los Angeles International Airport on October 2006.
The agreement is part of an effort by city officials to improve the safety of the Los Angeles International Airport, which is considered the first in the state.
A terrorist target was picked out by the al-Qaida network.
City councillor Jack Weiss, who arranged Israel's 2006 visit, said the agreement was considered the first agreement between the United States and Israel. S.
Airport Authority and foreign government agencies.
In the United States, federal authorities are responsible for the security of the airport terminal.
But Gina Marie Lindsay, who signed the agreement as executive director of Los Angeles World Airport, said her agency wanted to learn from Israel how to strengthen the perimeter of Los Angeles International Airport and how to incorporate-
Incorporate the terrorism strategy into plans to expand the Tom Bradley International Terminal.
She said she particularly wanted to learn to apply Israel's electronic scanning system for car licenses to identify terrorists as they approach the airport.
Walking Tour in BenGurion's 4-year-
Lisss pointed out the safety features of its design to the yaraigosa and a large Los Angeles delegation.
Bollards protect the building from wayward vehicles and grumpy crushing
Vertical cables about 1 feet away reinforce the glass-resistant facade.
The terminal receives 55,000 passengers a day, similar to the Bradley terminal.
"They gave us a piece of advice," he said . " He pointed to one of the $2,000 trash cans placed on the roadside outside the dock.
These tin cans are made of steel bars and used as emergency containers for any explosives that the police may find;
From the jar, the power of any explosion will only go up.
At 1973, when Ben-
Gurion is known as Ludd airport, and three suicide bombers shot and killed 26 passengers at the terminal.
Three years later, a suitcase bomb killed a passenger and wounded five people.
The mayor's delegation as general manager of the airport authority, Zeev Sarig, was booed about the experience of witnessing these terrorist acts and the work that Israel has done for decades to make airport security a golden standard.
"It's a huge deal to keep Israel focused on the Los Angeles International Airport," said Wes . ".
Some officials in Los Angeles said they were impressed by the unobtrusive nature of Israeli airport security and said they wanted to replicate it.
"You don't see a lot of guards walking around with machine guns," Lindsay said . ".
"We certainly don't want that either.
"While security is highly valued on the mayor's six agenda --
In the fourth game of the NBA playoffs, he could not escape the humiliation of the Lakers.
When he woke up here on Friday, the game was in progress, 10 hours ahead of Pacific time.
More than an hour later, at a meeting at the airport, Israel Borovich, the chairman of El Al Airlines, received a written note from an assistant, turning to the mayor and announcing: "Do you know what this is about?
The Lakers lost.
"Believe me," replied villaregossa, turning his eyes.
"Don't you think I know?
Failure followed him to Sderot.
For many years, the town has been hit by Palestinian rockets from the vicinity of the Gaza Strip, and bhararaigosa has expressed solidarity.
He brought 15 basketball for Tornai Madaim elementary school and brought a Laker shirt for the mayor of Sderot, Eli Moyal, with the words 24 and Kobe Bryant
"Let me tell you that my friends in Boston will hate me for that," said Moyal . " He declared himself a fan of the Celtics.
Two people laughed.
"Tell them you have a good friend in Los Angeles," said Villaraigosa . ".
On February, yaraigosa supported a "Live for Sderot" concert in Los Angeles, raising $300,000 for schools in the town, which the Israeli government matched.
On Friday, he visited Aaron high school and saw one of the benefits, a classroom computer with a wireless internet connection and projected it onto a huge "smart board" screen.
In both schools, yaraigosa and Moyal stood together and praised his bravery in the face of the rockets.
"His courage comes from the courage he sees in all of you, young Sderot," the mayor said . ".
"We know your courage in Los Angeles.
"We love your mayor," he added, "even though he is a Celtic fan. "--richard.
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