its a tablet its a notebook from microsoft, a new hybrid - pen tablet for pc-ITATOUCH-img

it's a tablet. it's a notebook. from microsoft, a new hybrid. - pen tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-18
it\'s a tablet. it\'s a notebook. from microsoft, a new hybrid.  -  pen tablet for pc
Through steve lohrjune 25, Microsoft began promoting its tablet with a clear message and vision nearly two years ago: a powerful, Pen-
Computers that are not controlled by the keyboard.
Bill Gates, the company's chairman, held several rounds of industry events, holding a tablet prototype in his hand, praising the merits of handwriting and digital ink.
But when Microsoft announced today in New York that it will launch a machine using its tablet software in November.
7. The key point will be to use a pen-
Enhance the basic functions of traditional laptops.
Several of the 14 companies that signed up as tablet partners are planning to produce pure tablets, but it is expected that all companies will be able to connect keyboards.
The leading product will be a laptop-tablet hybrid.
With such a machine, users can type on it like they do on a standard laptop.
But rotate the display and cover it and it becomes the writing screen of the pen
Computers for meetings and other leisure occasions.
"This is a laptop completely," said Alexandra Loeb, vice president of Microsoft's tablet division . ".
In the long run, tablets should be an integrated feature of any laptop.
Microsoft describes the transformation of early prototypes as a change in information rather than a change in vision.
But industry analysts say the move is a smart way for Microsoft to both attract a broader market and convince skeptical customers to try it --based options.
Advertising "laptop sales are growing in order to put more Microsoft software into key areas of the computer market," says Richard Doherty, president of research firm Envisioneering.
Over the years, the idea of pen-based computing has been tried repeatedly, but failed ---
Mainly because the user found the hand
Write recognition software is not reliable.
Apple computer failures known for its Newton handheld devices.
Start with two calculations
Ups, Dynabook and Go Corporation were also abandoned.
Microsoft's tablet software is a Windows XP Pro operating system that adds tablet functionality.
It runs all existing Windows applications. The machines --
These products will be available from Acer, Fujitsu and HP.
Packard, Toshiba, NEC, sports computing, etc--
The price is expected to be around $2,500, hundreds of dollars higher than laptops without tablet functionality.
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Microsoft and its partner companies will market tablets as machines, allowing people to take notes using laptops at their desks or at meetings.
"The extra £ 10% I can have a machine that works all day," says Jeffrey S . ".
Raikes, vice president of Microsoft Group, said. Mr.
Raikes is responsible for Microsoft's productivity and business services unit, the company's largest source of revenue.
With the company's budget cuts, he says, tablets are more of a productivity tool than an attractive technology ---
For example, allow users to send wireless messages when they attend a meeting.
Speaking at the TECHXNY trade show at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan,
Raikes will also announce that the next version of Microsoft's productivity application suite Office 11 will be launched by the middle of next year.
He will show some of the new features of Office, as well as its electronic featuresmail, word-
With the Internet and smart software, processing, spreadsheets, and other applications can improve collaboration and communication between office staff.
Many analysts say Microsoft's vast office business is ripe for stagnation.
Some companies are hesitant about new Office licensing plans ---
Will take effect on July 31--
This gave up some of the traditional discounts and tried to convince corporate customers to sign up for an automatic upgrade to make it Microsoft's subscription business.
The new pricing system will significantly increase the prices of some customers, but the prices of other customers will be lower.
Despite more than 0. 3 billion office users worldwide
"I would be disappointed if I didn't double our knowledge," Rex said . "
The worker's business this decade.
I don't think we're over yet.
I think we're just starting to make the workers more productive.
"In the fiscal year ended Sunday, Microsoft is expected to announce revenue of about $27 billion.
Analysts say tablet plans and office upgrades are all necessary efforts to seek growth during difficult times in the industry.
David Readerman, an analyst at Thomas Weisel Partners in San Francisco, said: "All this is to maintain annuity income from existing businesses and find new sources of income such as tablets . ".
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Microsoft's new hybrid
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