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jera: making good use of our time - drawing tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-14
jera: making good use of our time  -  drawing tablet for pc
On the way to see the patient (
I'm doing private care)
, When I go out, I pick Jera, the runes that harvest, encourage, and learn from experience (
I often pick runes while running)
Immediately thought, "make good use of your time today.
The underlying idea is: "know what motivates you.
Use what you learn.
"As you know, if you read these posts, or you study meditation, the first idea that appears in your mind is particularly relevant when you choose runes.
My patient was having physical therapy when I got there, so I sat down in the waiting area and took out my notebook.
I thought of Jera and wrote as fast as I could about anything I thought.
The list says, "as the world changes ,"(
Old soap my grandmother likes)
The lucky wheel tarot---
Our lives go up and down--vicissitudes (
Changes in the environment or wealth, they are called), a globe (
The other form of Jera is a straight line with two Kano meetings in the center, rotating around the axis ----
Rotating earth)
"Your time is your life", "Time is money (energy)
"What you put out, you come back.
"Chickens go home to roost.
Back grasp, exchange conditions. Reciprocity.
Time flies so fast.
What does "waste" time mean?
Why do we "kill" time?
Is time a "gift?
Time allows us to learn, evolve, create, and develop.
I think time is also a creative medium.
Sometimes time seems to have material and weight.
It hangs heavily on us when we are not in the stream.
These are some of the things in my notes.
Above all, Jera inspired me to make the most of what I thought that day.
I know the opportunity to do so will come.
All I have to do is pay attention.
This is one thing about the rune game and uses the rune of the day as a source of inspiration: you don't have to make up anything or figure it out.
No work is required to apply for it.
All you have to do is be vigilant and let it come to you. Let it happen.
Things happened later in the day.
First, for some reason, instead of bringing a pack of cards to play our usual game earlier in the afternoon, I took a drawing tablet.
I haven't even considered it or decided to do so.
I caught it when I first went out.
Now I take it out of the bag, put it on the bedside table and start doodling.
After a while, I asked my patient to draw something small. (
My patient was an old woman who did nothing but watch TV and play bingo. )
She got some encouragement, but she succeeded in the end.
Then she drew a house and I asked her, "who lives in that house?
"She looked at me as if I was crazy.
I said, "make it up yourself . "
"Who lives there?
Finally, she replied, "a skinny man.
I asked, "What's his name ? "
"Gary," she answered immediately.
I kept asking questions and she kept making things up.
It turned out that Gary and Mary were married.
They all worked at Wal-Mart.
He sells clothes. she sells jewelry.
Mary likes to wear skirts.
Gary likes to wear a Cashmere shirt.
They drove a Ford.
They are in their 20 s and have no children yet.
Their biggest dream is to gamble in Mexico.
But Mary had a secret that she did not tell Gary: she was afraid of traveling.
When he is away, she will practice packing suitcases for the trip.
They almost saved enough money for the trip and she wanted to be ready but she was worried she wouldn't.
She is anxious.
Gary has a secret.
He was married before and his ex-wife just moved back to town.
He wants to avoid her.
He was worried about how Mary would react if she found out.
The story continues. . .
My patient was surprised by her creativity.
She did not know that she could do such a thing.
She found a whole new world.
It was hard for me to describe what a great time we had and how satisfied I felt when I left the day.
I don't think it will happen if I don't choose Jera and get the information to make the most of my time.
I led my patients into a whole new world of experience and self. discovery.
I feel like I really made good use of the time I spent with her.
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