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jerry garcia: a glimpse of his past and our future - wacom tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-08
jerry garcia: a glimpse of his past and our future  -  wacom tablet
While visiting Berkshire Hills in western Massachusetts-
Immerse yourself in the quaint and cultivated Russia of that region--
My wife and I heard about Jerry Garcia's death.
Garcia is not only the mainstay of one of the respected bands of the 1960 s-The Grateful Dead-but also a source of inspiration for an ongoing anti-cultural spirit.
We call him "Jerry" in a close relationship of friendship, although we are far from a "Dead Head" devotee.
Kristina and I realized that his death ended something outside of life.
As we walked through roping Mountain, covered with a green forest that was hard to penetrate, we knew that we had lost part of ourselves in Jerry's death.
Without our awareness of this, he has become a symbol of the adventure and constant search of the true inner nature of our generation.
Now, everything turns to nature around us in a way.
Jerry is really everywhere.
When we returned home to San Francisco, the spontaneous demonstration of tribal grief was over.
What we noticed in haitri
Ashbury community is an inevitable memorial poster (
And souvenir sales).
Jerry Garcia's death seems to be just another musical character who has completed his record creation.
A few months later, it was announced that Jerry had been writing a book until he was about to die.
Jerry is not known as a writer.
Guitarist, singer, band member, ice cream mascot, tie designer, songwriter, but his firm view of culture and society is always in the form of an interview or conversation.
Jerry has always been the most Socratic rock star.
The answer to the question is instructive.
Harrington Street "(
Delacorte Press, $22. 95)
It was promoted as "anecdote personal history", a small book about his childhood.
Without knowing more, interesting guesses are more than likely.
Did he complete only the first part of his complete autobiography?
Is this a children's book? (
It is possible because earlier this year his album with children's music David Grisman has been released. )
Will this be a real book or some patchesDevelopment?
* When a copy of my Harrington Street arrived, I was shocked by the chaos of the whole color.
Jerry must have been mad at the computer, I think.
Almost all images are vivid distortions and abstractions of computers.
Generate program.
Jerry's talent for color-
This is in the designer relationship of his marketing ---
This is a dazzling display of people with bold pastel and mixed swirls, chaotic abstractions, intense drizzle lines, faces in comics, stains and stripes.
At the same time, I am obviously not interested in the article, and in general, the article is hardly as long as the article.
It consists of short memories, or even shorter episodes, collected at obvious random.
Jerry's childhood was filled with tragedies, comedies, and supernatural events that all of his childhood seemed to contain.
His father died of drowning in 1947. year-
Old Jerry and his brother Tiff were raised at work by his mother's parents.
First class community in San Francisco.
The characters around him are vivid to young Jerry, and his quirky dialogue-style prose conveys some of the wonders of living with those people in that place at the time.
However, Jerry, who is Jerry Garcia, recalls being tarnished by the spectacular aura of celebrities.
We indulge his insight into his character, music and cultural heritage.
Gorgeous grandmother Tilly, Gibson Girl, radical union organizer;
Parrot Loretta, a survivor of the 1906-magnitude earthquake in San Francisco;
He found the magical elements of fire while baking marshmallow. -
His memories are only memorable in their brief casual retelling, because they are Jerry's.
Ultimately, the fact that the book itself is more influential.
Surprisingly, according to his wife, Deborah Cornes Garcia, in the preface, Jerry has been writing the book, almost every day.
Although individual chapters are brief--
A few paragraphs, or a few words. -
Jerry's writing process is illuminated by some of his original handwriting, which is unique and laborious to write.
Notes and drafts are intertwined with typeset copies, and it is easy to see how Jerry used his brain to press on paper to unlock the secrets of his childhood.
As his memory continues to expand and weaken, his focus has also changed, with events appearing in different versions.
At the time of his death, two stories were not completed and listed as the third
Narrative of man
* Meeting Deborah Garcia at home in the suburban Mill Valley, I started to understand some of the reasons why "Harrington Street" has been so obsessed with Jerry for the past year and a half.
Not because he's a writer.
Because he's an artist.
"People are always pestering him to write a book," she said on a large sofa in the sunny living room.
This is what Jerry once lived, a microcosm of the middle class. class comfort.
"He always receives invitations from his autobiography.
Deborah Garcia, a budding filmmaker, discussed his thoughts on a book with Jerry in one of her film projects.
"He wants to write an autobiography that he can draw," she said . ".
"He has never really done art books before.
He published something, but he never published it.
"Jerry's paintings and paintings have always been part of the mystery of gratitude to death ---
Fun and psychedelic.
His imagination is a review of his beginning.
"He has a lot of affection for his childhood, although he has reservations about some of the events he chose to write," Deborah Garcia said . ".
"Even though [all his memories seem to be depressed]in his writing]
That's not how they came out.
Memories of Harrington Street are filled with death, humiliation and fear.
The book ends in an image of a very young Jerry forced by "Girls on the street, Mean Girls. . .
Stand on the box and take his pants down.
"But Jerry has a cosmic view of his memory.
They are interesting to him.
"He likes them," his wife said . ".
So he worked for a long time as an art work in "Harrington Street" and worked hard, which made me understand that this emotionless idol, this happy prank
The nature of foresight is such a technology. head.
That is to say, he is intoxicated with the new world of computers and brave technology.
His book reflects his complicated knowledge.
Deborah Garcia said: "He always likes the latest and best toys, which is really interesting.
"He owns one of Apple's earliest computers, and he's been updating them all the time.
He will get a more powerful computer.
"She invited me to take a look in a small room and see what she was talking about.
I saw Jerry's nerve center.
A Power PC 8100/80.
Next to it is the Wacom tablet and the scanner so that he can draw the image for free
Scan the form directly into the computer.
A painter project color palette for him to color the book.
I smiled at myself.
Jerry Garcia, nerd Savannah.
The book was about finished when Jerry died in last August.
The rest is just to flesh out the unfinished story, work out the final design, including drafts and alternative versions, and add to the illustration with Jerry's own sample of calligraphy.
"Harrington Street" has come out now, not more or less than Jerry wants.
For us, this is a fusion of curiosity about his past and a glimpse of the art of the future. That Jerry.
He is always one step ahead of us, first of all consciousness, and finally technology with vision.
There is no doubt that what he said to Milton "will never --
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